Will the buffet restaurant go bankrupt? This client encounters a gang of 6 guys drinking 111 bottles of water, and people wonder is it really worth it?

A sweaty buffet restaurant meets a gang of 6 young men and eats for good value. She drank 111 bottles of prune juice, lined up on the table. I was amazed how could I eat it? Worth the money but is it worth your health?

October 13, 2023 Website You want A report on photos from restaurants caused netizens to be shocked when they saw hundreds of bottles of sour plum juice arranged on the dining table for a group of six customers, and this group of customers were supposedly trying to get their money back. Eat until the cost of this buffet meal is worth it.

The report reveals that the restaurant in question is a 100 yuan (about 490 baht) hot pot restaurant in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China, which serves an all-you-can-eat buffet. There is also a self-service water bar for 26 yuan (about 130 baht) per person. However, on October 10, a group of six young people came to eat at the restaurant. Before they drank so much prune juice between meals that there was a picture of 111 empty glass bottles sitting on the table.

Buffet restaurant

I understand that this gang of young men drank a lot of plum juice. In order to make it worth the money spent. When doing the math, it turned out that more than 18 bottles were dropped on average per person, an amount that shocked the store owner. I was secretly scared when I saw that.

The store employee revealed that this group of customers had already eaten at the restaurant. Even before they drink too many drinks. But drinking 111 bottles of plum juice this time was too much.

While netizens saw the news they all came to express different opinions, such as

“This hot pot shop is about to go bankrupt.”

“Have this much sour plum juice. Is your stomach still okay?”

“Is your blood sugar a little high?”

“Don’t you have diabetes yet?”

“It seems like an advantage, but it’s actually very harmful to the body. It’s not worth it.”

“I thought I would make a profit by eating food. But you have to spend money to see a doctor instead.”

Buffet restaurant

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