Martial arts give new life to the “wonder boy” Fabrizio: from slum child to king of mixed martial arts

It follows the life path of Fabrizio Andrade, who has faced difficulties since childhood. Before he used martial arts to raise his goals to success and become the king of mixed martial arts.

“Wonderboy” Fabrizio Andrade, the ONE MMA World Bantamweight Champion (135-145 lbs), will face “The General” Jonathan Haggerty. The Muay Thai throne is in line to compete for the vacant title of ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Champion at ONE Fight Night 16: Jonathan vs. Fabrizio, which will be broadcast live from the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra).) during US prime time at 7:00 AM on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

As for “Fabrizio,” he is another king who has not been defeated in the ONE Arena since his first appearance. But many people may not know that this 26-year-old Brazilian is a lifelong knockout player who has to overcome many obstacles since childhood. To become so successful today, martial arts helped lead the way. Today we’ll take you through a look at his life’s path and what he had to overcome.

#Growing up in a poor environment

Fabricio family
Fabrizio and family

Fabrizio grew up in a slum area. In Fortaleza, Brazil, he was the youngest of three brothers, and his father was a market watch seller. As for the mother, she works as a cook. The family is poor at home. Frequently having to endure a not very good environment because everything around him was full of crime and violence that he was used to seeing. But in the scarcity of life there are still hidden positive aspects. Difficulties help to hone patience. And it made him have a stronger heart than children his same age

“I remember there were times when I felt hopeless. I don’t know what my future will be like. My family is very poor. I faced countless hardships during my time in Brazil. “We only had enough money to buy food and necessities. My mother and father worked hard to provide for their children and tried to raise my siblings and me to be good people.”

“I’ve faced countless bad things in my life. There are criminal gangs out there. Drug dealers everywhere so I grew up watching people die in front of my eyes. Many teenagers my age have committed suicide. It was a very rough childhood for me.”

#MuayThai leads the way to a new life.

Many children and young people in Brazil grow up playing soccer. Because this is the number one sport in this country, and Fabrizio is one of those kids. Until he discovered martial arts. When he had the opportunity to follow his friend to the Muay Thai gym. It was impressive to see the fighters on stage gaining the respect of the people. He hopes to follow in their footsteps and use martial arts to keep him off the streets of Fortaleza.

“When I started to improve in Muay Thai everyone admired me. This motivates me every day. The sport has changed my life. It is my only life goal. Maybe I would have lost it before. I don’t know what my goal is in life, but today it gives me the goal of changing my life and the life of my family.” “For the better.”

#From a distant homeland to chase dreams

When Fabrizio sets his own goals in life. He decided to leave his distant hometown to pursue his dream of martial arts. By competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) using Muay Thai and BJJ skills in the blood, which blend together perfectly. The young boy with Samba blood began accumulating experience from many arenas by competing in both kickboxing and Muay Thai until he began to be known throughout Asia. However, the young man leaves his home and family to live on the other side of the world. He could only say that he had to face loneliness and loneliness against the goal he had set.

“One of the worst experiences. That was when I went to China. I don’t speak English at all. And I don’t know anyone. It was just my manager arranging fights for me to compete in. I had to communicate through an interpreter. This is very difficult. When I’m in the gym full of Chinese people I have no friends and I don’t know who to talk to. Because I can’t speak his language at all.

“I remember regretting coming to China. I sat and cried in the bathroom for an hour. Because I didn’t know what to do, I had no money and my family wasn’t there. I had to suppress everything, not wanting to tell or ask for help from home. I don’t want to worry them.”

#From dreams to success

After gaining long experience in kickboxing and Muay Thai in China, Fabrizio began to direct his attention to the country that is the origin of the Eight Weapons, Thailand. Until the end, he decided to move to training in Phuket. That was the starting point for him to receive an offer to sign a contract with ONE in 2020 as an MMA player.

But after that, Fabrizio applied his kickboxing and Muay Thai skills to BJJ fighting, in which he had the basics and worked hard to develop his skills and submitted himself to compete under the rules of mixed martial arts with ONE until he achieved victory over his counterpart. He competed against him 5 times in a row, and it was a step for him to become a contender for the bantamweight throne against “John Lineker” in October 2022, despite the end of the result of that competition, and there was no result from the competition because “Fabrizio” “made a mistake and stabbed “John’s” knee, breaking it until it did not He manages to return to fighting.

But 4 months later, the duo received an official rematch at ONE FIGHT NIGHT 7. This time, the brawler who was a knockout fighter stepped up to fire his weapons until his fellow fighters refused to leave their corner after the finish. In the fourth round, the referee on stage decided to end the match. Fabrizio is ready to raise his hand to become the new ONE MMA World Bantamweight Champion immediately.

“Every day I wake up I still can’t believe that everything that happened in my life was real. I’ve come this far but what excites me more? That is, I always knew that no matter how hard it was, I would succeed.”

“If you believe in your heart, do what needs to be done. Because at a certain point everything will be better. We plant seeds today to reap them tomorrow.”

#Erase bad memories with a specific goal in life.

Fabrizio’s new home, acquired through hard work.

Although his bad childhood memories still haunt Fabrizio’s mind, he has managed to overcome them through martial arts and his goal in life. The King of Mixed Martial Arts is about to fulfill his dream of himself by holding two belts. He was still committed to the ultimate goal of helping make his life and his family happy, which was the only thing that would erase his terrible childhood memories.

“You have to find things that you love. Whether that is a sport, a job, or something that you really enjoy. And visualize where you want to go. If you have a goal you wake up every day with a mission to achieve. This will inspire you to move forward every day and will help in Erase the bad memories you have.

“I always try to think of positive things and take time every day to develop my mindset.”

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