Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition, Jaguar’s latest ICE sports model.

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● Jaguar unveils the Grand Tourer luxury sports car. Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition Jaguar’s last ICE-powered sports car. Before entering the electric era in 2025, the car is based on the P575 facelift of the F-Type, which has been on the market since 2019. Sales before bidding farewell to the ice age will be available in both coupe body styles. And the convertible version

● The F-Type ZP Edition will only have two colors to choose from: a Navy Blue body paired with a two-tone Mars Red/Ebony cabin and a Crystal Gray tank floor paired with a Dark Blue/Ebony cabin. There will be a white circular sign, bright white porcelain, no numbers, decorated on the door. In reference to Jaguar’s former rivals.

● Model-specific trims are also available. Front grille frame in porcelain white, with glossy black inlays at various points around the car, such as the front grille floor and side mirror covers. Caliber Peak This car is completed with 20-inch black diamond-cut alloy wheels, ZP logo, and finished with a metal plate stamped with Bespoke: one of the [ XXX ] Go through the numbers in production order.

● In terms of power, the F-Type ZP Edition uses the same power source as the F-Type R (P575), which is a 5.0-litre, compressed-air, V8-code gasoline engine with a supercharger. Power is transmitted by an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, all four wheels rotate, four-wheel drive, maximum power produced 575 hp, maximum torque 71.3 kg.m, acceleration rate 0 – 96 km/h. 3.5 seconds Top speed is limited to 300 km/h.

Rawdon Glover Jaguar’s General Manager said: “As Jaguar embarks on the most significant transformation in its history, to become an electrified luxury brand by 2025, this is a celebration of Jaguar’s internal combustion engined sports car roots that will never be repeated again.

“The F-Type has captivated sports car drivers for more than a decade. Just as the E-type has done for five decades, the ZP Edition is the ultimate celebration of this lineage. It joins an established list of collectible models that have inspired generations to come. This includes special editions like Project 7 in 2015 and Heritage 60 Edition in 2020.

● Jaguar will begin production of the F-Type ZP Edition sometime in 2024. Production is limited to just 150 units, and it has not been determined whether each model will be half that. Or how much is it divided into? The selling price has not been revealed at this moment

2024 Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition

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