Important! The Thai ambassador in Israel revealed that 3 more Thais have died, bringing the total to 24.

PM saddened after Thai ambassador to Israel reports 3 Thais dead Demonstrates the use of personal relationships to coordinate with the Indian private sector. Ask the Thai people to join you on the return trip. Affirming Thailand’s position, neither side is taking sides.

14 October 2023 – 8:30 am at Military Airport 2, Wing 6, Don Mueang, Bangkok, Mr. Seth Thawisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance interviewed about helping Thais leave the Middle East war zone, which is sad. The Thai Embassy in Israel reported that three more Thais have died. Now a total of 24 Thais have died and the same number of people have been taken hostage, i.e. 16. At present, coordination is continuing to expedite the evacuation of the Thais. Come to Thailand soon. Currently, approximately 7,000 people have expressed their desire to return to Thailand. Thanks to the three commercial airlines, Nok Air, AirAsia and Thai Airways, for their excellent cooperation. The government itself is not stopping it from finding ways to get the Thai people out as soon as possible. As for himself, he used his personal connections to contact the private sector that owned the planes. and ties to China will be integrated with the A340-equipped Spiag Jet airline. Each plane can carry approximately 350 people. The previous date is Sunday, October 15. He has provided a channel to contact the Ministry of External Affairs. Done because that airline already carries Indians. If we can agree and clear with the Israeli government for the plane to land, immediate action will be taken. soon

The reporter asked if there were any security experts who expressed concern about the Thai government’s stance with Israel, which could also affect Palestine. So has this matter been discussed with the Defense Department or not? We have ensured that we are neutral,” said Mr. Setha. Because we are not part of anyone’s conflict. It is his duty to work with all parties. Israeli embassy to protect Thai people from Palestine or this war crisis. Make sure we are not doing anyone any favors. There is no position as to whose side it is. We stand by the Thai people who are currently facing problems. What the Thai government is worried about now is that more than 6,000 – 7,000 Thais want to leave. More than ten thousand people, including their brothers and sisters in Thailand, are concerned. This matter is our highest priority. We are happy to work with all parties. To keep Thai people safe

The reporter asked if the international community had cooperated in opening Thailand’s airspace. Is there a flight to take the Thai people back to the country or not?. Mr. Setha said that there was no problem till the reports were received. It usually takes 10 days to get approval. Now there are only 2 more days and if there are any problems, we are ready to talk to everyone. Going there, I asked for help with sustainability issues. They have alliances with conflicting parties regarding relations with various countries and we also coordinate well. Especially regarding the release of hostages. Sources are always talking about taking better care of the hostages, but he will hold discussions with the Ministry of External Affairs on the evening of October 15. To find ways to bring Thai people back to the country

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