When the time is right, you should go! Manchester City is preparing to target 4 coaches to succeed Pep Guardiola.

The 52-year-old has less than two years left on his contract with the Blues after recently extending his contract in November last year. He came to build the team from 2016 until he was able to lead the club to several championships, including the English Premier League 5 times and the Champions League once, and most importantly, he also made history by winning the treble last season.

Naturally, with so much success, the Manchester City board wanted to keep Pep at the club. But they knew in their hearts that the Spanish coach was ambitious to find new challenges and would not think of settling with the team until retirement

As a result, the board are planning to find a successor to Guardiola, with their starting targets being Mikel Arteta and Roberto De Serie B, but at the moment they still have two other options: Ange Postecoglou and Michel.

1. Angie Postecoglou

As for Postecoglou, it must be said that he has been a target for the Manchester City board since he moved to take over as coach of Glasgow Celtic because he was impressed by the way the French coach took charge.

Postecoglou has built a strong career with Yokohama F. Marinos, which is part of City Football Group (CFG), the owner and capital group. The ‘Blues’ then took over the reins at Celtic and led the club to greatness by winning the Scottish Premiership twice in a row.

Then he added another challenge to his coaching career by jumping to take on a difficult job with Tottenham this summer. It only took him a short time to do this. “Golden Spurs” is a strong team. In addition to collecting 5 wins and 2 draws from 7 matches played in the English Premier League this season.

Most importantly, Postecoglou has made Spurs a fun and exciting team to play with. Mostly focused on the offensive game. Of course, PK’s fans admire him very much, and most importantly, he turned the team into a club that no one dares to underestimate, even Manchester United and Liverpool were defeated.

2. Michelle

Many people barely know who Michelle is and how good he is at his job. But now everyone is amazed at how Girona has built into a strong team. So that he can rise to the top of the Spanish League table.

Girona, another CFG club, started the season with an impressive performance, with 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, losing to Real Madrid, leaving them currently in third place with 19 points, second only to the ‘White Kings’. “And Barcelona are the leaders.

As for Girona’s excellence, Michel must be praised because since taking over in July 2021 after being dismissed from Huesca, he has gradually built the club into a strong team. See at this time

Michelle’s work is of a reasonable standard compared to the resources available in the team. His winning percentage during his coaching period for Girona reached 45 percent, after he led the team in 98 matches.

3. Mikel Arteta

As for Miguel Arteta, he is considered the first choice for Manchester City, who wants to work instead of Guardiola because he is considered a student of “Pep” and the method of building the team is almost the same. Fierce.

Arsenal under Arteta’s control is considered to have done an excellent job. Especially last season, who could compete for the league championship with Manchester City in an enjoyable and close match. Although in the end he is just a supporting actor.

The Athletic newspaper reported that Arteta is the ideal person to succeed Guardiola after he demonstrated his ability to build a Gunners team that can compete with the big clubs in the league, including Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

With a playing philosophy almost similar to Pep’s, but the one thing he has to prove himself is to lead Arsenal to win the Premier League. Because if he succeeds, Arteta will possess all the qualities that make the stars of the “Golden Ship” army agree that he is the appropriate heir to “Pep.”

4. Roberto de Zerbe

Now the name Roberto De Zerbe is very beautiful. After Brighton and Hove made Albion amazing. By being able to win tickets to play in the European Cup for the first time in the club’s history.

The Italian manager’s performance has been impressive since taking over from Graeme Potter, and many agree that he has made Brighton better, even more so than Potter.

Moreover, Guardiola bravely admitted that he sometimes borrowed De Zerbe’s ideas for Manchester City last season. More importantly, he also praised the head coach of Macaroni Municipality that he was the one who created the team with a playing style that many coaches did not expect.

Most importantly, de Zerbe’s work is not just a fluke. Because the “Seagulls” showed their most dangerous form this season. Especially in the match, Manchester United are easily crushed, but the only thing that might make them lose some credit is creating a team that lacks consistency. If this point can be resolved, I can tell you that Brighton is very dangerous!!!

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