Shocking: More than 140 cats were found abandoned in the Abu Dhabi desert, and 50 were killed.

Last week, a group of volunteers found more than 140 abandoned cats in the Abu Dhabi desert, 50 of which were dead.

Foreign news agencies reported that a group of residents of the United Arab Emirates found more than 140 abandoned cats in the Abu Dhabi desert. The country’s capital Meanwhile, international animal rights organizations strongly criticized this incident. The UAE authorities opened an investigation into the matter.

Mr. Chico Shergill, a resident of Abu Dhabi, one of the volunteers who participated in the rescue operation, said: Different breeds of cats, including foreign species such as mustangs, were left in their cages. Or wandering in the desert without water, shelter or water. Since September 28, they have found 50 dead cats and rescued 95.

They also rescued a golden retriever and found a dead husky, and some of the animals found had microchips. This indicates that they were once pets.

Temperatures in Abu Dhabi reached 40.5°C in September, but daytime temperatures in the desert can be even higher.

Dogs and cats were also abandoned in the area between the highway connecting the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter to Al Falah. The center told CNN that they were not aware of any abandoned cats and declined to comment further.

The animal rights organization PETA announced a reward of $5,000 for anyone who provides information about those who threw cats into the desert, stressing the need not to hide this cruel behavior under the rug.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality and Transport Department said this last Wednesday and they will investigate this case. By asking for cooperation from the public to help provide information. And they are taking action to find the person responsible

While the International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) issued a statement stating that this latest incident is not the only one that has occurred. Pet disposal sites are found throughout Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They have been campaigning in the UAE to save these animals for many years.

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