New Year’s Eve helps MAF receive guests, Madame Bang-An Thong

The atmosphere was still sad. With his death from cancer “Mr. Anusun Faxokcharoen” Camel “Af thakson faxukcharoen” Who died on October 1, the family held an Abhidhama prayer ceremony at Pavilion 23, Wat That Thong, which included close friends from all walks of life. Many artists join in the mourning

Today (October 6, 2023) is the last night of the Abhidhama prayer ceremony. “Madame Pang Nuanfan Lamsam” He also came to pay his respects. In terms of entertainment like Ann Thongprasom, Chombo Araya A. Harket Which comes with Nong Payo – Nong Abigail, Enter Nippon Phionayen, Te Thanavon, Tui Phongsakorn, Joy Rinlani, Om Attichart, Diao Surion, Dr Ok Opal, Nambueng Natharika, Col Baird Wanchana, Rasami. Included “New Year” Smart daughter “Nunkul Shannon Santithhornkul” Who came to help welcome the guests like every previous night. “Songkran Tikanarong” And “Lieutenant Oh or “Romanian Colonel Runakorn Ratanaporn” He came to participate in the mourning and listened to prayers every day as well.

Which is scheduled for tomorrow (October 7, 2023) in the morning the monks chant Buddhist mantras and serve lunch. Then in the afternoon they chant the Matika Mass. The body will be transferred to the crematorium at approximately 2:45 p.m., and at 3:30 p.m. there will be a pantomime in front of the crematorium, and at 4:20 p.m. “Af Thaksaworn” will read a poem and words of condolence. for the last time. Then the royal robes were thrown and the fire ceremony was held.

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