Vivo announces the launch of its latest flagship phone, the X100 Series 5G, with the “ZEISS Telephoto Sunshot” innovation on January 30!

It is getting closer and closer to the official launch of Vivo X100 5G series The best flagship smartphone from X series That this year Vivo Get ready to introduce the latest technology that will take users beyond the limits of mobile photography within this concept 'Photography. Redefining.' Equipped with advanced camera technology Vivo Cooperate with Zeiss A world-class lens developer is ready to deliver to Thai users soon Vivo lovers Photography lovers are getting ready to witness the official launch of Vivo X100 5G series together inTuesday in 30 January this!

Vivo Get ready to revolutionize the photography industry with this cutting-edge camera. “Close-up of ZEISS” First time with a smartphone Vivo It can create images of golden sunlight during the most beautiful times of the day with greater clarity and more realistic colors than ever before. Ready for users to get out and chase the sun at the end of the horizon. Enhance your photography efficiency like never before. Ready to upgrade your photography system Vivo ZEISS is co-designed Big time, both hardware and software are ready to answer every user's needs. Whether it's taking photos from a distance with a zoom lens or taking close-up photos with precision in every detail. Ready to go with 2 The new color is Star Trail Blue. (startrail blue) And the black asteroid (black asteroid)

Vivo X100 5G series Get ready to take users beyond the limits of smartphone photography. Ready to get out and experience the wide world Take stunning photos of the sun, stars and every impression across the country. Stay tuned for the official launch on Tuesday. in 30 January time 16.00 n. Onwards passes He lives In the online channel Vivo As follows:

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