Genshin Impact introduces Shiori, the Lightning Tailor. And the ability information we know now!

Monday, January 29, 2024 at 11:43 PM, 52 seconds IST

It is officially launched for beautiful fashionistas. Chiuri Tailor Lightning Owner of Shaurya Boutique That will shake everyone's wallets dry!

After appearing at events in Fontaine City at the end of 2023, Ta Wat people around the world were eagerly waiting for the Inazuma Women's Tailor, making everyone almost forget that Cloud Whirlpool Lord would be updated to the gacha wardrobe in a few days.

A brief history of Chioriya: She is a resident of Inazuma but opened a tailoring shop in Fontaine City called Chioriya Boutique, and is related to Kamisato Ayato as an acquaintance. Possessing a rock elemental vision used a sword type weapon. The DPS is expected to come in a position that can support even outside the battlefield. What fans secretly expect a lot from is not just her skills. But including that she will be a prominent character in 4.5's story as well.

According to the information received from the primer, this is more information than we can guess.

  • Chiuri is a stone character, carries a sword, and can help the team fight even outside the battlefield.
  • Shiori has the skill of being a t-shirt model. Which will not be counted as stone element buildings when placed in battle
  • Stat values ​​focus on the critical rate. Her personal weapon can deal 88% critical damage at level 90.
  • The basic attack animation has a dual wield combo similar to Al Haitham.
  • Elemental Burst deals forward damage similar to Ayaka.
  • Fans are still scrutinizing her talent. Whether it works well depends on the number of crystallized pieces or stone item creations on the battlefield. If this is the case, it means that Shiori would be a good person to cooperate with Navya.
  • Chiori may have stats that use both DEF and ATK.

It will be interesting to know the information about Chiuri's skill, if it is as predicted by the experts, we will get another super powerful rock character!

Let's wait and watch the live version 4.5 to see how it turns out. Will Albedo accompany her, as was previously rumored? (Read past ) We may find out in March. Anyone who collects Hin Dong Phet figures can wait!

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