ULYSSE NARDIN, a watch brand over 170 years old, emphasizes its boldness and difference with the limited edition 'FREAK S NOMAD', in sand colour.

Since 2001, ULYSSE NARDIN has launched the “FREAK” watch collection, which breaks the boundaries of fine watches by using the mechanism behind them to display the time on the dial in an eye-catching way. The FREAK watch model was launched this year. [S NOMAD] Which still shows a different kind of bravery comes in a sand color. This still maintains the main idea: a watch with no dial, no hands, and no crown.

Ulysse Nardin A Swiss watch brand with more than 170 years of experience, although its beginnings were in the manufacture of watches intended for use in navigation. But with long time accumulated experience it has a good reputation of being a watch that can tell the time accurately even when traveling overseas around the world. Today, the brand is able to create watches filled with advanced technologies. At the same time, it also has a distinctive and unique design. Especially the “Gharib” group.

The launch of the Ulysse Nardin Freak in 2001 created a phenomenon in the watch industry. Because it is a work that dares to break all the traditional rules. Under the concept of “no hands, dial or crown” In addition, the mechanism is created by high-tech silicone in every part. It is a material that helps solve the problem of friction in components. Since 2001, the manufacturer has filed more than 20 patents, and last year the Freak One received the Iconic Watch Award at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve.

Ulysse Nardin launches Freak S Nomad

In April, ULYSSE NARDIN was launched. Freak S Nomad is defined as: Ulysse Nardin, the spirit of limitless exploration. The Freak S Nomad is a limited edition wristwatch produced in a limited number of only 99 pieces worldwide and comes in a sand color. The main body is made of titanium. It tells the time via a rotating “spaceship” mechanism beneath a sapphire crystal glass. Which still maintains this concept of “no hands, dial or crown.”

In addition, the tachometer displays the hour. Coated with Super-LumiNova. Therefore, it glows blue in low-light areas.

The case size is 45mm, and the titanium case and clasp are lightweight. Including an anthracite PVD-coated titanium bezel, carbon fiber sides connect the individual components of the case together. The watch strap is available in two styles: an anthracite rubber strap with a “ballistic” print and an anthracite alligator strap lined with sand-coloured calfskin.

Man-made technologies lead to the creation of complex micro-machines.

The Freak S Nomad combines architecture and innovation to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece, powered by the UN-251 manufacturing calibre. Which can rotate around an axis consisting of two oscillators with a silicone balance wheel at a 20 degree angle (so it looks like a rocket launcher), and the escapement is coated with DIAMonSIL, a high-tech diamond-coated silicone that provides special strength and durability.

Each component is connected by a vertical differential to provide unparalleled timing accuracy. The Grinder® automatic filling system patented by Ulysse Nardin is twice as energy efficient as conventional filling systems. It has a 72-hour power reserve and the movement consists of 373 parts and 33 rubies.

The rotating dial on the back of the Freak S Nomad's mechanism represents windswept sand dunes. Each piece is polished and sculpted using a guilloché technique dating back to the 18th century, individually hand-carved over a period of three hours and covered with a sand-coloured CVD coating.

The reason turntables have to be hand carved is to create unique craftsmanship. When there are no machines involved hence there is no vibration. Make your lines as smooth and precise as possible.

All these are the reasons Strange S Bedouin It is a watch that shows the courage to be different. Continuing to stand out with a complex watch mechanism created from over 170 years of watchmaking experience and expertise, ULYSSE NARDIN recently stated that there is only one Freak S Nomad in Thailand.

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