Aunt Syd rode a motorcycle and collided with a Ferrari. $1.46 million was charged for repairs, so what did the court say in the end?

Aunt Syd… She rode a motorcycle and collided with an 18 million baht Ferrari. She fainted when she found out the cost of repairs was 1.46 million baht and was at a loss. Finally, what did the court say?

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On May 16, 2024, ETtoday reported an accident involving a 60-year-old woman riding a motorcycle who collided with a luxury car at an intersection. In Nantou County, Taiwan, a limited edition Ferrari worth NT$16 million (about 18 million baht) was damaged. This led to a lawsuit seeking damages of NT$1.3 million (about 1.46 million baht), however, the said amount was too high for the aunt to be able to compensate. But the court's final decision brought the issue to new attention.

Reports revealed that the accident occurred at the intersection of Longshan Road. It intersects with Jusheng Road and there is a red traffic light on one side. On the other side is a yellow light. At that time, my aunt's motorcycle did not slow down at the yellow light. He collided with a luxury car that was driving in front of him. Damage to the front bumper area of ​​the car. Meanwhile, aunt's motorcycle overturned on the road.

Because the opposing party has a luxury sports car worth NT$16 million. I bought it less than 10 months ago, so the repair costs are not significant. The bumper that had to be replaced alone cost NT$1.25 million (about NT$1.4 million). When combined with labor costs, paint costs and other expenses, the total damage amounted to NT$1.3 million. Which Ferrari's insurance company came to collect from the competing party

Car accident

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However, this aunt's monthly income is 20,000 Taiwan dollars (about 22,000 baht) and she is the breadwinner for her family. Her motorcycle only has basic insurance. The said amount of damages is therefore too high to be paid. Finally, the insurance company filed a lawsuit. In order for the aunt to compensate for the damages

However, when the judge reviewed the information related to the accident, including various records from the accident scene, it was found that the accident location was an intersection with a traffic light. In principle, when a car encounters a red light, it should stop and wait. As for cars facing a yellow signal, they must slow down.

But it looks like this Ferrari ran a red light. Meanwhile, this woman did not slow down when she encountered a yellow light. As a result, such an incident occurred. Therefore, the judge indicated that the Ferrari driver must bear 80% responsibility, while the other party did not slow down or pay attention to the car in front of him. She must bear 20% liability, or let her pay damages of only NT$260,412 (about 293,000 baht).

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