Zauner clearly pointed out that Yodphupha has nothing but good punches and is ready to close the bout quickly without prolonging it.

Zoner Zen“The 27-year-old Turkish Muay Thai boxer wants to come back and redeem his name. By shutting down the game quickly.”Yud Vova Wiman Er“A 20-year-old heavy fist fighter from Chaiyaphum will fight according to the rules of Muay Thai. Bantamweight (135-145 lbs) is the main event of the fight. One Lumpinee 63 Live broadcast from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) on Friday, May 17, starting with the first match at 7:30pm.

Watch the ONE Lumpini clip December 15, 2023, OTOP A.Kwanmuang vs. Soner Zen.

Sooner knocks down Utop

name “Zoner Zen“He is known to Muay Thai fans as a dangerous foreign fighter. After getting off to a great start by knocking out 2020 Yud Boxing winner Kongklai Ani Muay Thai in the first round, then defeating Dao Charuseng Otop A Kwanmuang in the first round as well.

but “Sooner“He had to suffer defeat for the first time in the third battle after being defeated by Rambo Lake Chor who performed a kicking song to gain points. He beat the score and this became an important lesson for him to go back and review his mistakes. – Develop handwriting skills to be better than before


Lake Rambo vs Sooner

“Every victory or defeat is part of a fighter's path. I have never regretted that day, as Rambolec planned the fight better than me. He deserved to win. But I am sure that if we meet again it will be my turn to win. That day was not my day.”

“After the first defeat in the last battle. I went back to review the shortcomings I had and develop them. And in this battle I became… Zoner Zen In the best version I am ready to come back and prove myself again.”


For the opponent in this battle like “Yud Vova Wiman Er“Despite being the ROAD TO ONE Thailand Season 1 Champion,”Sooner“I didn't have the slightest fear. By believing in your superior abilities to the point of looking at not finishing the game in the full round like in the first two games.

the top of the mountain I'm a good fighter. But in my eyes, I don't see any terrifying weapons except his powerful punches. His very obvious weakness is his physical fitness and standing for a long time. My plan is to launch the game quickly. I know I'm fitter than him. I will be chasing it from the first moment and the fans can wait and see the fun. Because I believe that the match will definitely not be long or boring.”

Thai sports fans can book tickets to watch the stadium via THAI TICKET MAJOR. The first match starts at 7:30pm, watch the live stream on (some countries), Facebook and YouTube ONE (some countries) and on channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai language) starting at 8:30pm.

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