True seeks to make Single Grid mobile Internet 110% faster than before, while emphasizing that it has never overpriced AIS.

True sent a statement. Clarify the information in points to confront the consumer organization. This made the news on November 3, 2023 on the topic of TRUE merging with DTAC to spray poison and low-quality internet speed. In contrast to the high service fees, he rushed to make the “Single Grid” mobile Internet 110% faster than before, emphasizing that AIS never exaggerated the price.

True company Send a statement explaining the information in points. After being accused, the Consumers Foundation presented the news on November 3, 2023 on the subject TRUE joins forces with DTAC to spray poison. Mobile camps dismantle basic signal transmitting and receiving stations. All that remained was the imaginary column. Impact on consumers Poor quality internet speed and in reverse, expensive service fees. It is presenting incorrect information from reality and without verifying the accuracy of the information, which causes misunderstanding by the public.

Problem 1 – Demolishing the basic signal transceiver station. All that remained was the imaginary column. Impact on consumers Poor quality internet speed

Today, True Corporation is accelerating the project to integrate the signal tower structure into a single network system (one network) by combining base stations in the same area and combining the strengths of True’s signal towers and DTAC. Increasing the efficiency of network coordination in all signal waves. Reduce redundant antennas that may cause interference by 30%.

Problem 2 – Before the merger, each zone had antennas and signal transmission equipment, both TRUE and DTAC, but after the merger, there will only be one signal transmission device left in each zone, and this is very important. Even the signal towers have not been dismantled yet. But the DTAC transceiver box has been dismantled, leaving users in the area now facing slow internet issues. Because they have to compete for signals

TRUE Make sure that the base stations will not be downgraded. And equipment to receive and transmit frequency band signals, but move the equipment to install it in the new signal tower. In some areas they are in the process of reducing redundant columns which if installed as before will cause interference True Corporation continues to be the service provider with the largest number of cell towers in the country. By testing the area where the One Network System was completed, it was found that mobile internet speeds were up to 110% faster, and is poised to aim to be the #1 leader in 5G and 4G service speeds in Thailand.

Never haggle on prices with AIS.

Issue 3 – After TRUE merged with DTAC and also entered into an expensive partnership with AIS.

but, Sahih confirms that all this information is false. There was no price gouging with AIS, as has been alleged and confirmed. In the past, they used to offer offers that came with great value benefits. Add a variety of value that meets lifestyle needs and is affordable as early as 6 months post-merger. We’ve come together to create better, more relevant special franchises.

There are more than 120 million perks redeemed by customers and the number of perk items has increased by more than 54%, covering a variety of perks such as popular restaurants and services, health services, department stores, and online shopping, along with many popular perks like Get Free Internet. And call fees and activities to win gold and big prizes to exchange and win every day, etc.

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