‘Setha’ confirms his own announcement on November 10 to ditch digital money and pay through the ‘Padong’ app!

Bangkok 0 Wash your ears and wait! “Chetta” said he will clearly announce the issue of digital wallets on November 10, adding that each policy is a gamble of the government’s skill and next steps. He revealed that he definitely used the Padong app together with the hard-working “Sulfan” and gave confusing information as he listened to each voice. Complaints about various problems came in and many external factors disturbed him

On November 4, 2023, Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mr. Seth Tavisin gave an interview while traveling from Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lampong) by special train 995 to Lam Chabang Railway Station, Tung Chukla Sub-District, Si Racha District, Province, Si Racha District. On the progress of the 10,000 baht digital wallet, Chonpuri said that on November 10, they will know everything. As I learned, I don’t know what anyone said. Communication is key today.

“On November 10th, we will know what it all looks like. There are steps, a timeline and clear rules. Also respect the group I like to follow the steps because there will be confusion. As I said, digital wallets are important. There may be some differing opinions. But everyone agrees that there must be an economic incentive. But the nature or purpose or how much to stimulate the economy remains to be debated. As I always insist, if anyone has suggestions, I’m always listening. And listening is not just listening.”

The reporter asked: This policy seems to be a bet on the next step of the Pheu Thai Party-led government. The Prime Minister replied that it is better for the people to decide. Digital wallets are also important to see that economic matters are important in every major policy and in some media polls. There is also the issue of home loan. The Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister and Royal Thai Police Commissioner Mr. He was invited to speak by Anudin Charnvirakul, who is also the Finance Minister. Because they saw that this thing was important, including 30 baht to cure every disease. There are many important things. And saw that everything was in danger

Water management is also important as 30-40 million farmers are waiting for this, he said. Industrial and EEC matters are also at stake. There is no such thing as worthless. These matters should be taken seriously Today, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Chulaban Amornwiwat is working hard. But if you have a microphone in your mouth, you have to respond. But it’s something we’re working on. There may be some changes in it say like today but there may be change. But I came to know that he was contradicting himself back and forth. It was not during a conversation. When he went to speak at Bank of Thailand, a proposal came and he said that when he put the media mic in his mouth, he asked for NESDB at Bank of Thailand. He came to say that he did not know what to talk about.

“When the warning came, I asked. Many senior journalists have also warned, and the governor of the Bank of Thailand has said that he has nothing to do with it. But be careful about it. Write a long-term picture. When it comes out, how will it positively affect the economy? Including the growth of the economy, so , while making a report, the report should be complete. When I have a question, I can answer it. But I feel sorry for Mr. Choolapan, who works very hard as the person who takes care of this matter and goes to talk to every department. At the same time, there is a mandate. There is a lot everywhere. Including the Election Commission. We campaigned, nothing said. I have to go to counselling. When there are opinions, we have to listen.”

When asked if the Prime Minister comes from a professional background. People also have hope that the economy will improve. Do you think people should be smiling happily in a few months? Mr. Setha replied: It depends on many factors. But his intention is to smile everyday. You have to be quick to laugh, be upbeat, and want to do it. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

“My personality is not like that. I want to do that. Everyone knows it’s not just me. He came in with various problems and many external factors disturbed him.

When it comes to digital wallet policy moving forward, we have to be careful. Can’t go backwards? The Prime Minister clarified that if he said that, he meant that there was an intention to go backwards. I never thought of going back. So it should be done. And you have to do your best. It should be as legal as possible so that people get maximum benefit. Public should understand that there is no corruption in this system and methods. In practice, there is no room for the public to wonder who gets what. It is a general matter of corruption and misconduct. He was uncomfortable. But don’t worry.

Mr. Seth revealed that the use of Paotang is definitely relevant. Because it is a matter of convenience and ease for citizens to use this policy with peace of mind. As for determining the area of ​​use or to withdraw, use it as cash, and then use it in another province, he says no, cities like Chiang Mai or Bangkok are already green. He wanted to use it in cities with low GDP per capita. The grass in that area should be green. It will make the societies and economies of those regions flourish and open their eyes and mouths. A section that says you can buy items online. He couldn’t answer everything here.

The Prime Minister said that it is not easy to take on these big things, especially when there are people with different knowledge. A lot of suggestions should be heard by the government itself. And the person who decides where it is most appropriate is not unwilling to do it, not to listen, not to insist on doing it. This matter is not economics. Not maths because in maths 1+1 is 2. When it comes to economics, everyone has their own view. We talk like adults when he talks to the Governor of the Bank of Thailand. We spoke to each other with the same understanding.

“Ask if we agree on everything, no, I agree, but we talk well. And what is more important to have mutual understanding to move forward together? Today people are already suffering a lot. As I said, the average GDP in the last 10 years is 1.8%. No one can deny this. It’s time to fix it. And improve people’s lives.”

“We have come today, we have come here to do justice,” said the Prime Minister. The honesty of managing these problems should not allow us to create doubts in the society and try to do our best. There are many things to try. On Saturdays and Sundays, many ministers work. There is no one who does not see the importance of these.

When asked whether or not the Prime Minister is working tirelessly as he said earlier, no? Mr. Setha said “You have no right to be tired. Volunteers should come and do it. If you are tired, it is better to rest.

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