Summary of the series “Coin Digger, the Coin-Losing Game”

Summary of the series “Coin Digger, the Coin-Losing Game”

Outline of the story: Chayan Louidtrakul
screenwriter : Kanokvan Oraratanasakul (Two Years’ Love, Happy to Return Money), Nyorog Tikafuwan (Krian Novel), Suravong Bloonsing
Contributing writer: Abinat Chanbonsai
Performance orientation : Top – Suravong Plerensang (cracked and scary image)
String type : Thailand’s first cryptocurrency chain
Number of rings: 10 episodes, each episode lasts 45 minutes.
Set stream: The first episode premieres November 2, 2023 on Prime Video.
Broadcast schedule: Every Thursday, one episode per week.
industry :Smalt pictures
Production control : Chatchai Worabiankoul, Duangkamon Wongprathom
Executive Creative Director: Wasan Homesingbright, Ikalak Kanasorn
to publish : Hollywood (Thailand)

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Tricks of the crypto world…New flavors and challenges of the Thai soap opera industry that everyone should not miss

Our story takes place in 2019, before the coronavirus struck the world. We started the year with a Bitcoin (BTC) price hovering around US$3,500, and this was the year the cryptocurrency arrived in Thailand.

A group of teenagers consisting of “Bank” (Bank – Thiti Mahayutharak), a young programmer who is a rebellious foreign student who wants to overthrow the old financial system in this world controlled by only 1%, and “Jit” (Captain – Chunlathorn) Kong Yingyong), a child Punk’s high school friend gets screwed. The son of a politician’s mistress whose father disapproves of him. Even though I paid a fortune for higher education but she doesn’t allow me to use my last name and “Jane” (Yada – Narelia Kolmongkunvit), she is a hacker and developer of a professional gambling website. Who do everything for money have together founded an exchange called Grandiva with the aim of bringing everyone in Thailand to the world of cryptocurrencies. A land where the new generation will have the opportunity to open their eyes and open their mouths. He can possess or steal some resources from people from the ancient world such as Tron (Pete Thongchua), a billionaire and famous real estate developer. Who is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) as well

But the story is not that simple. Because Grandiva’s source code was stolen and Trun manages to open an exchange called BitBull before launching Grandiva, with the important help of “Ann” (Claudia Chakrabandhu Na Ayutthaya), a former teacher at the bank who has a relationship that goes beyond teacher and student. This made the whole group’s friendship even more chaotic. It made the bank decide to open a new front with DeFi (decentralized finance platform) or financial services that can conduct transactions without going through an intermediary. Whose name was changed to Ares or God of War At that time, DeFi was still a very new technology. It has not been studied enough but banks are willing to take risks to beat BitBull.

When Ares launched, it was already able to get BitBull users to move to the bank’s exchange. This made Torn forced to act. His method is, by purchasing the bank from Ares, the bank easily accepted the deal. He was willing to part ways with the friends who had built the company together. Moving to the side of BitBull, in addition to this, they also attacked Ares using a method called Flash Loan, a type of loan system in the cryptocurrency world that seriously damaged Get and Jen’s Ares. This has caused many users who chose to invest in Ares to become destitute to the point of suicide. This made Jane very angry and she went to Trey’s office to find the bank. But this only prompted the bank to implement the plan it had set from the beginning. This is the plan to destroy…money and the paper currency system in the ancient world…
(A fiat is a currency that has been declared to have a value by the central bank or government of each country. These are usually in the form of banknotes and coins. It is used as a medium of exchange such as the Thai baht or euro, etc.)

What will the story be like then? What is the bank’s ultimate plan and how will it change the current global financial system? Please follow along… The story of the little guys who want to overthrow the big order and cheer them on, Punk, Jane and Jett, in the Coin Digger series, a coin-losing game, only on Prime Video!!!

the actor
Bank: Thiti Mahayutharak Bank
A mysterious young foreign student programmer full of secrets. He received a scholarship from one of the famous educational institutions in America. To continue his education since graduating from high school, he is a quiet and taciturn person. It is difficult to guess his emotions, but in fact, there is a big mystery behind him that will be related to the lives of many people in the story.

Jane: Yada – Narelia Kulmungkunfit
A female hacker who graduated with an engineering degree left her life as a developer and became the manager of a gambling website. Do everything to earn money as quickly as possible to fulfill your dream of living in America. Land of the Free We were persuaded by a bank to put an exchange together without thinking about it. It would change her life forever.

Get: Captain – Chunlathorn Kongjingyeong
Punk’s high school friend and political mistress who many people look up to. But in the midst of life abroad he was under pressure. He wanted to accept only the bank that was willing to make him a special offer.

Trin: Thongchoa House
Billionaire owner of the largest real estate company in the country. Those interested in cryptocurrencies with his money and power, light and dark, make it likely that he will dominate this new asset market without difficulty. If you don’t have your bank and friends as a big barrier.

Anne: Claudia Chakrabandhu Na Ayutthaya
A former computer teacher at the bank, her knowledge and abilities are not limited to just high school. Until Tron recruited her to become the company’s head of IT and she met the bank. Before stories that were swept under the rug before resurface

Ice: Beam – Saranyu Prachaket
Get Big Brother and your personal advisor. I love my younger brother and I was always there to help him. But when in the business world he must do everything to maintain his interests.

Wichit: Kuit Watanakul
A great politician who lived through thick and thin on the parliamentary stage for decades. Although he was disrupted by a new world that he could not keep up with, but the benefits and scent of power meant that he was willing to trade everything to keep him.

Joe: Jab – Thanawat Siriwathanakul
An experienced monk turned to investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Because he believes that this is something that helps him maintain his fame and money as well. With the face of being a Dhamma person instead, some faces were hidden. Which the general public will never see

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