Today’s gold price closes the market “down 150 baht.” Foreign countries are still above $2000: PPTVHD36

Gold price today The market closed lower (down 150 baht) than the previous day. International expectations rose after last week’s highs.

The Gold Dealers Association announced the domestic gold price on November 28, 2023, and purchases closed throughout the day, and was revised 3 times, a total decrease of 150 baht, while foreign gold rose beyond the previous week’s high.

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Publish the calendar to transfer “Funds to Help Farmers” worth 1,000 baht per rai, and it has started to be added to the account.

  • Gold bars Buy back 33,350 baht/baht of gold and sell 33,250 baht/baht of gold.
  • Gold jewelry Buy back 32,654.64 baht of gold and sell 33,850 baht of gold.
  • 1 gold saloon The price including bonus is 4,669 baht.
  • 2 gold saloons The price including gratuity is 8838 baht.
  • Half a gold salong Price including bonus 17,175 baht.

Domestic gold spot market price is $2,015.00 per ounce. Based on a baht value of 34.95 baht/$

Gold prices rose past their highest levels last week. In October, it was at the level of $2,007-$2,009. While there are factors that support the price movement at a high level, including the dollar index and US bond yields, which still have a weak trend

This is partly due to the market expecting the Fed to end its upward interest rate cycle, and additionally, the auction of two- and five-year US government bonds is putting further pressure on bond yields to adjust downward.

However, as of this morning, the price of gold has yet to reach a new high of $2,018, so one may be wary of short-term profit taking. Therefore, we must follow the US economic numbers. This report will be released soon tonight, including GDP and core personal consumption expenditures on Wednesday and Thursday.

source: YLG / Gold Merchants Association

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