3 reasons why BLACKPINK has come this far and not succeeded

Jenny A girl with an elegant face and round cheeks, she is elegant and adorable. On stage, Jenny can express her feelings and facial expressions very well, and matches the songs. Jenny’s stage performance is the best. Moreover, she is a person with a beautiful personality. What kind of clothes will you wear? No matter how you style your hair, it looks beautiful and fashionable, so much so that there are people covering Jennie’s look. His mysterious and affectionate personality, resembling a kitten, can make many people turn to blink. It can be said that he is a very charming person, and no one can imitate him.

rose Australian girlThe author admires Rosé’s use of English in many interviews and really likes the lyrics to On the Ground. It is true that Rosie is a native English speaker. Therefore, you can speak English fluently. But Rose’s choice of words is so beautiful. Maybe it’s because Rose loves reading books and being an artist. Interviewing Rosie in English makes it deeply meaningful and shows a positive attitude in life. A phrase that Rose encourages and which the author really loves is “Anything, any obstacle is breakable.” If translated beautifully, it means that anything or any obstacle can be broken. It’s a message that encourages people to stand up and fight for their dreams every time they listen to it.

Lisa Girl with round cheeks and big eyes Posting Lisa’s dance videos on YouTube is a key strategy that makes many dancers more aware of Lisa and Blackpink, because although there are language differences, dance and music are universal languages ​​that people all over the world can understand without translation. Lisa’s body movements and facial expressions are cool, sexy and swag according to the song Lisa is dancing to. Lisa’s performances and dances on stage at concerts have become popular with every song and have been covered by many people. I must say that dancing is truly Lisa’s talent and blessing.

3. Most members speak English fluently.

An important factor for K-pop to reach the international market is their ability to master the English language. Most of Blackpink members can speak English at a fluent level, that is, whatever they want to say or want to communicate, they can explain it like a native speaker. This may be part of the reason why Blackpink has been so successful in promoting their music in America. Including the ability to appear on popular shows such as Carpool Karaoke, perform concerts on stage at Coachella and BST Hyde Park, as well as participate in charity events and work with high-end brands abroad.

There may be many hidden reasons behind Blackpink’s success, what do you guys think? Come express your opinions.

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