SIS moves to increase distribution stores income pump in 2024 expands – Stock Miti

Inventory Dimensions – SIS Expanding distribution channels to 6,000 stores in response to strong consumer and mobile sales, brokers shrug off 2024 shock, with revenues recovering.

Dao Securities (Thailand) affiliate SIS said it expects revenue in 2024 to expand by about 7% year-on-year from improved consumer and handset sales, in line with Gartner forecasts that global IT spending in the hardware group will return. The stock price performance is below par

“Cloud Group income is growing by leaps and bounds”

At the same time, purchasing power will recover. Better economy and received positive results from economic stimulus measures including the cloud group’s income has the opportunity to grow significantly. According to AWS Investments in Thailand, but in the short term, the Q4 performance may decelerate the year-on-year performance from a high base, and the estimated target price of 22 baht per share.

Targeting points of sale in 6,000 shops

Somchai Sitttichaisrichat, Managing Director of SIS, said that the company was recently appointed by Xiaomi Thailand as an official distributor of smartphones and AIOT products under the Xiaomi brand, along with the launch of the Redmi 13 C. A smartphone with powerful and latest specifications that the company aims to launch next year. To expand the points of sale of products. Available in over 6,000 stores nationwide.

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