Emphasizing the problem of naked short, the Prime Minister advises the monitoring department to stay close – stock miti

Pangu Mitty – Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mr. From the case of Setha Tavis I went to give an interview to a TV channel. A report on the nude short was said to have been received until the show host’s question-answer episode. “From what has been reported, it is understood that this indeed happened.”

Regulators keep an eye on the naked short

“Prime Minister Seth” Mitihun clarified to the reporter when asked about the naked short, saying that the matter has been handed over to the regulatory agencies. Please follow this matter closely. “I have directed you to closely follow the issue of the nude short,” the Prime Minister said.

Accelerate growth and gain investor confidence

Also, the Thai stock market has experienced a decline in index numbers as a result of the economic crisis. It affects confidence and investor confidence, because Thailand’s GDP has expanded only 1.5% due to low GDP growth other countries have expanded further, causing investors to better return to invest in other countries. So, the government needs to regain confidence.

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