'Tirawat' rallies to win the Chachoengsao Championship and doubles as champion for two weeks in a row at Lotus Valley.

“Pro Oat” Thirawat Kaewsiribandit is back in good form, making the double champion two weeks in a row. After going over to win the Chachoengsao Championship at Lotus Valley, this is his third Thailand PGA Tour tournament.

The Professional Golf Association of Thailand is organizing the Thailand PGA Tour professional golf tournament, Singha-SAT Chachoengsao 2024 from 22 to 24 May 2024 at Lotus Valley Golf Resort, Chachoengsao Province, to compete for a total prize money of 2 million baht.

The PGA Tour Thailand Professional Golf Championship is supported by major sponsors Singha Corporation, the Sports Authority of Thailand and the National Sports Development Fund. Participating Sponsors Singha Drinking Water, About Grass, EGA, Udompanich, Leborn and Dogfight Golf compete in stroke play, 3 rounds or 54 holes, par 60 and tied.

End of Final Round “Pro Out” Thirawat Kayusiripondit Stellar performance, posting another 6-under-par 64, 3-day total score of 13-under-par 197, and coming through to win his third Thailand PGA Tour Championship with prize money of 240,000 baht, being a double champion for 2 weeks In a row for 35 years the old pro from Khon Kaen after last week won the TDT Chachoengsao Championship at this stadium as well. It is a return to good form after winning last year's Thailand PGA Tour in 2019 and another tournament in 2016. The awards ceremony was graced by Mr Panos. Hiransirisombat, representative of the Chairman of the Association, and Mr. Satit Satitsamran, Director of the Competition, honored and congratulated the champions of this program.

Thirawat Kayusiripandit revealing his feelings after winning the tournament “Today I am very happy. Who can win the association championship? I have not been an association champion for many years as well. This is my third championship. I am very excited today and I want to thank Thep Chain and P'Chain Nakul now for being my coaches and helping me in Back to playing golf and having more fun. Thank you to the Thailand Golf Professionals Association. Thank you to all the sponsors for supporting me. I am very happy that I was able to win the tournament for both the TDT and Association programs “But I was determined to do my best to be able to do it. Thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, the award for the player with the best final score goes to Amarin Kraiwichian, who shot a 7-under-par 63 and took home 10,000 baht from Dogfight Golf.

For the next PGA Tour professional golf tournament in Thailand, “Singa-SAT Kanchanaburi Championship 2024” will take place from 5 to 7 June 2024 at Blue Sapphire Golf & Resort, Kanchanaburi Province.

Competition Results Summary Singa-Sat Chachoengsao Championship 2024 (Par 70)
1 Therawat Kayusiripondit 197 (-13) gets 240,000 baht
2 join Amarin Kriwishian, Thitipat Lim 198 (-12) receive 110,500 baht
4 Thanpisit Omsen 199 (-11) get 68,700 baht
5 Swiss prathakon 200 (-10) get 60,700 baht
6 Phusit Sapapramai 201 (-9) get 53,700 baht
7 Saengchai Kaewcharoen 202 (-8) get 47,600 baht
8 joins Ekparit Wu, Kosuke Hamamoto, Ratchavun Chantwara, Aaron Lamkaew, and Taniyakorn Krongva 203 (-7) receive 36,600 baht.

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