Israel finds Hamas hiding rockets in Rafah cemetery: PPTVHD36

The Israeli army finds a Hamas missile hidden in the cemetery in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army said that its soldiers discovered a storage facility for missiles and rocket launchers in a cemetery in Rafah. These weapons belong to Hamas. Israel believes that many leaders are using the city as their last stronghold. He hid the remaining hostages.

Israeli soldiers also discovered and destroyed several rocket launchers in the Philadelphia Corridor, also in Rafah.

Israeli military ground operations in Rafah, which began on 6 May, led to the evacuation of approximately 900,000 people from Rafah, and it is expected that those still living in the area will be evacuated, ranging from approximately 300,000 to 400,000 people.

While Mr. Jake Sullivan was the White House Advisor for Security Affairs in the United States, she added that military operations in Rafah are still limited. No large-scale operation has yet begun in the middle of a densely populated area. Earlier, Israeli media reported that the United States supported plans to limit attacks on targets in Rafah. To reduce losses to civilians.

As for the northern front, Hezbollah announced yesterday the killing of Muhammad Ali Nasser Faran, its ally from Nabatieh. South Lebanon was martyred during the Israeli attack. Hezbollah responded by firing more than 30 missiles at several cities in northern Israel. Including military targets

The Israeli army said that most of the missiles were intercepted. Some fell in an open area. But it did not cause any worrying damage. Or there were people affected by this attack

In addition, the Israeli army said that Mr. Faran, who died during the operation attack, was an important coalition responsible for supervising production. Providing weapons to Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, the Israeli war cabinet meeting yesterday morning (Thursday, May 23) agreed to return to the negotiating table with Hamas. Through an intermediary state to rescue the hostages, the negotiating team has now received a new set of guidelines for this round of talks.

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