MT 1 mandates the provincial administrative department to strictly control the applicant's information. The senator does not allow leaks to political groups.

Do not allow corruption at all! MT1 instructs the 'Provincial Administration Department' to ensure that candidates' information is not leaked during the final round of applying for Senate elections. 'Political group' until the fuss

On May 24, 2024, Mr.Anudin Sanvirakul Deputy Prime Minister and home Minister Disclosure of case where some citizen groups are concerned about collection of data about candidates for examination.Elect a Senator By district levelProvincial Administration Department There may be leaks to political groups who want to form groups of Home Ministry candidates. And coordinate communications to prepare voting blocks, claiming they are aware of people's concerns. Therefore, he directed the provincial administration department to process the applications smoothly on the last day. Officials in each district and district should monitor any unusual behavior on the last day, such as transporting applicants in groups and having someone prepare applications for them. Including strict control over the maintenance of applicant information to prevent leaks.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs recognizes that this is a very important task. It is a process of exercise of rights which is important for the development of democracy. And people should have faith in transparency. I would like to thank all the government employees and officers who have learned the process in a short time and are ready to perform their duties with transparency and honesty in the past. Today is the last chance to apply. I hope everyone's safety remains intact. Take care of everything smoothly till the process is over,” said Mr Anudin.

Mr Anuthin also said he wanted to leave a message to the people. We help each other monitor abnormalities and report to Ministry of Home Affairs on a 24-hour hotline number Honesty is our priority in this process. He will never allow corruption. If you see anything strange, report it to the Area Director or report it directly to the Ministry of Home Affairs. We will do our best.

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