The worst won’t happen. If you try to the end 3 financial tips from Jenny Nguyen

The worst won’t happen. If you try to the end 3 financial tips from Jenny Nguyen

The dream of becoming a millionaire from savings is the desire of many people, and in 2023, Jenny Nguyen is another person who has succeeded in increasing her savings to millions. Jenny Nguyen, a 43-year-old woman, a year in which she invested opened “The Sports Bra” store in the state Oregon, Portland in 2022, and after 8 months, the store had made her a total of $944,000. (Represents over 34 million baht of Thai funds)

Her store includes sports bras that specifically support women’s workouts. It’s also a bar for people to hang out, eat and drink. Her uniqueness and clear direction made her successful, and here, Invest Science would like to compile 3 tips for running a successful business, as Jenny Nguyen presented in an interview with CNBC as follows: [1, 2, 3]

Tip #1 The worst won’t happen. But Jenny Nguyen, like many other people, dreams of becoming a successful business owner. But there is also the fear that the dream will not reach the shore. At the same time, desire and fear battle each other. Ideas that helped her overcome her fear was to tell yourself to believe that everything you predicted was the worst of all possibilities. It’s a potentially worse outcome. These things wouldn’t have happened if she had tried her best. This thought freed her from her fear. It also gives her time to think and prepare to deal with problems that may arise.

Next tip let go of your ego. And knowing how to ask the right people for help before starting her business, Jenny Nguyen was full of knowledge and was excited to create her own business. But when I actually started doing it, I realized that all the knowledge I thought I had wasn’t even 1 percent of what I should know. She decided to admit her ignorance. Give up trying to carry everything alone. And start looking for help and advice from experts. Don’t be shy to ask questions until you understand. Accepting help from people is an important part of her success to this day.

One last piece of advice: Maintain self-confidence and resistance at the right time. Listening to others will play a major role in success, but in the end, you, as an employer, must know how to listen to your own voice. Make decisions for yourself and move forward. Business owners should know themselves well enough. Learn enough information to be able to make your own decisions. But at the same time one must be careful not to allow self-belief to take precedence over conscious decision-making for the bigger picture.

Jenny Nguyen’s three tips are important lessons that provide great inspiration for those who want to achieve million-dollar success. Including people who want to start doing something to be successful. Regardless of the dreams and desires of the reader. Investing Science sincerely hopes everyone succeeds as intended. I followed all the instructions above.

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