23Savage opens up after being eliminated from TI, says next year they won’t be as tight!

After the competition International 2023 Ended at eSports Talon Keep losing Beat Boom Team The match ended 2-0, and he could only finish in 9th and 12th place. Recently, 23Savage or tree player He carries The best Talon He went out to express his feelings through Twitter

“It’s always hard and painful to lose every tournament. I think I feel better about my disappointment. But damn, it hurts more than before. But if you look at it from the other side, we had a good year overall. I just have to do it.” “I will be better next year.”

Recently, you came out and posted more sentiments on Facebook, saying: “After sitting down and processing all the events, I was very disappointed in myself for thinking that I was playing at my own standards. There was no event where I was disappointed with the way I played until I got to the tournament that was most important to me. “They did not give their best. . The goal for 2024 is to go to TI and not choke.” ????

After he expressed his feelings, many fans came to offer encouragement such as fighting. “Young’s future still has a long way to go. He is only 21 years old and he is playing very well this year. Please keep trying.” “I understand. I hope that Tree will be strong in thought and awareness and have the calm that she will get better and better until she succeeds. I am always waiting to encourage you.” Thai fans hope that Nong Tree can use her experience and be able to overcome this loss and achieve success in the next TI event.

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