The history of the brutal gang “Xia Bong Nanoday” became a prisoner in a long series of cases.

behind”Xiaobang Nanot“Prisoners in many famous cases EscapeHe was released from the custody of the correctional officers and became a big news in the community which attracted a lot of attention. Various brutal acts of heroism have been unearthed. It was discovered that this rich man and heA very cruel gangConvicted in several cases especially the robbery case in Police Investigation Zone 8, which resulted in shooting and abduction of the accused. This escape of Chia Bang led many to expect revenge on those involved in the case.

Chanuk opens history”Xiaobang Nanot“This is a very brutal gang, a prisoner with a long history of crimes.

Who is “Shia Bong Nanot”?

Xiaobang Nanot” OrChavalit Thongduang A male detainee who escaped custody on 22 October, aged 37, was a resident of Tha Khae Sub-district, Mueang District, Pattalung Province. He works as a car repair shop in Tha Gaye Subdivision. And it is a popular auto repair shop which is well known by the people of Patalung.

Xia Bang is well-spoken and non-aggressive, always speaking well even to his subordinates. But most of his subordinates have a history of dealing drugs and guns.

Xia Peng has a history of playing in local politics. He had applied to become a member of the Pattalung Provincial Executive Committee (PAO) in 2019, but was not selected. He also has a history of being a gangster.

From a brutal gang to a prisoner in many cases

In addition to the cases adjudicated by the Batalung Provincial Court, the trial of Chia Bang and his gang sentenced Chia Bang to 20 years and 6 months in prison for robbing criminals from the police. Provincial Police Investigation Division 8 has been arrested in a drug case. He is also facing cases of crimes against life and missing persons. Crimes against judicial officers The officer who was shot and injured is still under consideration Not only that, but many other cases such as drug trafficking conspiracy cases, money laundering cases and murder cases are under consideration by Chia Pang. Including murder casesAnan Kalangan Former Deputy Mayor of Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Administration This is a total of 11 cases of violence.

Additionally, AMLO officials seized Xia Peng’s assets. 150 million baht was taken to be deposited with my sister, which was taken to prepare the money as a fund to run in the Pattalung Provincial Administrative Body election. So they had to lobby instead of sue.

Prisoner escape

On October 20, correctional officers detained Xia Pang for a doctor’s appointment for dental treatment. But after the referral came, it was discovered that the doctor had postponed the appointment. Officers took him back. Just then, Xia Bong fainted and lost consciousness. So the doctor first admitted him for treatment. Both legs were tied with iron bars. But it seems that it was after midnight that Xia Bang fled.

Officers investigated the scene and found Xia Bang had left the ward. By smoothly transporting the elevator to the ground floor. Correctional officers also did not immediately inform the police after the incident. But after waiting for 3 hours the information was given.

News sources have reported that Xia Bong escaped this time. We have prepared several days in advance. He is expected to be out for revenge against at least two people involved in the case who are believed to have defeated him in this case. Until he was in prison

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