Launch of the Huawei WATCH Ultimate and HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE

Launching of HAUWEI WATCH Ultimate, Huawei’s first smart watch made of liquid zirconium metal and HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN, a special design model that elevates elegance and reflects luxury and sophistication with 18-carat gold.

Huawei Consumer Business Group (Thailand) has launched the latest Huawei WATCH Ultimate smartwatch, a new flagship smartwatch that combines the best technology, innovative design and experience. Packed with cutting-edge features, it is the first of its kind to use the innovation of liquid zirconium metal in a Huawei smartwatch. Along with the special design model Huawei WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN, which combines elements of 18-carat gold, providing luxury and sophistication with industry-leading technology perfectly.

The Huawei WATCH Ultimate is designed with an innovative liquid metal casing that uses zirconium. It is a new material with beautiful and luxurious texture. Make it the best choice for high-end watches and this is the first time Huawei has used it in a smartwatch. With unique properties such as being 4.5 times stronger than stainless steel and 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel, it is resistant to deformation under high temperature conditions. But it also has a high-quality metallic luster. This makes it durable for use in rocky terrain. Hot Sahara is elegant dinnerware as well as for everyday wear.

Huawei WATCH Ultimate AMOLED display with high-strength sapphire glass cover. Fully coated and corrosion-resistant, the Huawei WATCH Ultimate in Voyage Blue is designed to embody the toughness of rough seas. With a deep blue nano-ceramic bezel that reminds us of the vast ocean. So this model is great in fashion for those who love water sports. The watch strap is made of solid titanium alloy. They are twice as strong as stainless steel and much lighter. Meanwhile, the Huawei WATCH Ultimate Expedition Black is designed for brave outdoor enthusiasts. The lightweight obsidian body consists of a one-piece nanotechnology ceramic ring with tachometer numerals for speed tracking and a hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) strap for added comfort.

The Huawei WATCH Ultimate redefines the smartwatch industry’s standards in waterproof performance. Supporting 100m water resistance, the patented waterproof design with 16 waterproof shells enables the Huawei WATCH Ultimate to withstand extreme pressure in the deep sea. The watch has passed ISO 22810 standards for water resistance and EN13319 standards for diving equipment, and can withstand 24 hours of immersion in water up to a depth of 110 metres.

There are 4 diving modes to choose from, such as recreational diving. Technical diving, free diving and scuba diving. Or view your freediving settings.GF (Pressure Differential Factor) The watch uses Buehlmann’s tried and tested decompression algorithm to accurately monitor dive data continuously. And provide recommendations according to the real-time environment More than 20 alarms can be set, making it easy to organize your diving plans.

For outdoor sports, the Huawei WATCH Ultimate comes with Expedition Mode specially designed to recreate the feel and atmosphere of outdoor sports. Meets the needs of a variety of activities in situations such as desert off-road riding, camping and hiking. With GNSS positioning capability supporting up to 5 satellite systems, dual frequency for precise navigation.

The Huawei WATCH Ultimate provides professional and comprehensive health management with heart rate monitoring and SpO2 tracking during exercise. Overnight sleep tracking and stress tracking It also comes with excellent battery life and supports high-speed charging. Users can enjoy two weeks of battery life when the smartwatch battery runs out. The new advanced fast wireless charging system ensures a full charge in 60 minutes and a 25% charge in 10 minutes.

The Huawei WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN smartwatch comes within the Fashion Forward strategy, creating a new path for Huawei’s latest smartwatch. It’s top-notch design craftsmanship combined with innovative technology. The special reinforced design model is made of 18K gold alloy, which consists of a unique proportion of metal elements that can maintain 75% gold content, and the watch case consists of 6 special sections manually inlaid through gold inlay technology. Performed by advanced ceramic craftsmen, the watch also has a gold-plated bezel measured using PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating technology, and from now on, the lettering will be laser engraved. Stylish letters are engraved on the outside of the smartwatch using a 5-micron laser process. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate and HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN feature a lightweight, adjustable strap with a locking mechanism. Which can be easily adjusted according to the size of the user’s wrist, the design of the Huawei WATCH ULTIMATE contains 12 links (1.45 mm each link) with a total size of 17.4 mm, creating a long product life. So, even as the user ages and wrist circumference changes, smartwatches can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

The Huawei WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN is available at only 99,990 baht at participating Huawei Experience stores nationwide. Including the official Huawei store on the Lazada online platform, ready for free pickup! Two-year international coverage service worth 3,699 baht, machine condition inspection service twice in two years worth 1,699 baht, and screen care service with screen replacement once in a year worth 2,499 baht.

Huawei WATCH Ultimate, Voyage Blue, available for 29,990 baht, ready for free pickup! Two-year international coverage service worth 1,299 baht, and twice-in-2-year device check-up service worth 1,099 baht, at Huawei Experience Store, participating dealer stores and Huawei Store, including official Huawei stores on the Lazada online platform

Huawei WATCH Ultimate, Expedition Black, available for 24,990 baht, ready for free pickup! Two-year international coverage service worth 1,299 baht, and twice-in-2-year device check-up service worth 1,099 baht, at Huawei Experience Store, participating reseller stores and Huawei Store, including official Huawei stores on online platforms Lazada and Shopee.

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