The window closes at 1.27 baht, 39.52% underbooked on the first day of trading.

Window Asia Public Company Limited or WINDOW has entered trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) today (25 October 2023) for the first day in the real estate and construction sector, according to reporters. Building materials business type

It opened to trade at 2.84 baht, an increase of 0.74 baht or 35.24% from the initial public offering (IPO) price of 2.10 baht, rising to the highest price of the day. 2.86 baht, the lowest price was 1.18 baht and closed at 1.27 baht, down 0.83 baht or 39.52%, with a trade value of 1,569.98 million baht.

Chief Executive Officer of Windows Asia Public Company Limited or WINDOW, Mr. Tanin Ratanasirivilai, revealed that this time it was listed on the stock market. Strengthen the image and reliability of the window, because the registration must comply with various rules and standards. Know more to the public, including disclosing transparent and verifiable information that makes WINDOW and the company’s products or services a positive influence and better known in the business community.

In addition, it increases the opportunity to identify and participate in investments from domestic and foreign business partners. This will help expand and strengthen the business.

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