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OPPO is another smartphone manufacturer that has started seriously marketing foldable screen phones in Thailand. After the overwhelming success of OPPO Find N2 Flip last year, this year OPPO is preparing to go all out. With two new Find N series smartphones launching in the Thai market at the same time, the OPPO Find N3 and the Find N3 Flip, we previously picked up the OPPO Find N3 Flip to preview it for you to actually see. Today it’s time to preview the OPPO Find N3. What will it be like? Let’s go and see.

New design with perfect proportions

OPPO Find N3 has a new design update so that in the folded mode the device is similar in size to a regular smartphone, not fat and not thin, making use no different from our regular smartphones. It does not distort the display of various applications, which OPPO intends to design to allow users to do everything from the external screen. There is no need to unfold the screen.

As for the external screen, it is a pioneering screen, which is a 6.3-inch AMOLED screen, with an aspect ratio of 20:9, a resolution of 2484 x 1116 pixels, and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz with Dolby Vision technology, HDR10+, and brightness enhanced to the highest. to 2800 nits.

The foldable screen inside is a 7.8-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2240 x 2268 pixels, a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ and a boosted brightness of up to 2800 nits. Different from the external screen. It just has a higher size and resolution. Therefore, it does not cause a drop in display quality when switching between the external monitor and the internal monitor.

As for the point that concerns many people, such as the crease in the middle of the screen, it is still there. But it is so faint that it is almost invisible. Most importantly, you barely feel the dent when you drag your finger across it. At this point, we have to be impressed by OPPO’s performance so well.

OPPO Find N3 has a very thin body compared to other phones with foldable screens. It is only 5.8mm thick when unfolded, but when folded it is 11.9mm thick, which fits comfortably in your hand. It is not thicker than a regular smartphone. In addition, on the side of the device, an alert button has been added for quickly switching between usage modes, which can be adjusted in three ways: sound mode, vibration mode, and silent mode. mode, no need to open the screen and switch modes to waste time

The OPPO Find N3 comes with the same third-generation Flexion Hinge as the Find N3 Flip, which uses a liquid metal material made from zirconium. It has a special rigidity. The mechanism has the right amount of rigidity. It can be opened and held to multiple degrees, with OPPO ensuring it can be folded up to a million times. So don’t worry that it will break quickly.

In addition, the OPPO Find N3 also comes with 4 loud and satisfying speakers, along with a spatial audio system that helps increase the dimension of sound to a new level of realism. Whether used vertically or horizontally

Pioneering camera “King of photography”

The highlight of the OPPO Find N3 is the full rear camera array like the cameras of other flagship smartphones. It is the camera with the highest specifications in a foldable screen phone at the present time. Which includes

  • The new Sony LyTIA-T808 main sensor camera is a dual-layer sensor that can receive more data. It makes for a clear image that better retains the details. Wide range of motion with quality comparable to a 1-inch sensor
  • Ultra-wide camera, 1/2″ sensor, 14mm equivalent focal length.
  • The 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera, 1/2″ Sensor Size, 3x Lossless Optical 6x Max 120x with OIS, is a foldable screen phone that offers the highest quality zoom camera on the market at this time.

Naturally, it comes with a Hasselblad style profile that helps photos look beautiful as if they were taken with a professional camera. And FlexForm photography mode where you can fold the screen and take photos without having to find a tripod.

Powerful performance

OPPO Find N3 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is a flagship chipset. Equipped with 16GB LPDDR5x RAM and 512GB UFS 4.0 ROM, running on the latest ColorsOS 13.2 based on Android 13, the performance is at the highest level. Seamless in every use

As for the battery of the OPPO Find N2 phone, it has a capacity of 4,805 mAh, and supports the SUPERVOOC fast charging system with a capacity of 67 watts. It charges more than 80% in just 30 minutes, and is fully charged to 100% in 42 minutes.

Price and availability

The OPPO Find N3 has been officially launched in Thailand alongside the OPPO Find N3 Flip at a price of 69,990 baht, and you can own it today at the OPPO Brand Shop, including AIS and True 5G network service providers.

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Date: 10/25/2023

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