Hun Sen leads the ruling party to sign an alliance agreement with 27 parties to protect the monarchy under the constitution.

MGR Online – The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has signed an alliance agreement with 27 other political parties to protect the constitutional monarchy, said Hun Sen, head of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). Strengthening multi-party liberal democracy.

The agreement was signed by His Majesty. Honored Maha Councilor Tiko Hun Sen, Chairman of the Cambodian People’s Party and representatives of 27 other political parties

All 27 signatory parties declared their desire to ally with the ruling party to preserve national unity and unity. As well as eliminating extremist political culture. And opportunities to participate in national development, according to Cambodian media reports

“The issue we need to discuss is the protection of the monarchy under the constitution. Over the past few years, critics have called on the king to abdicate,” Hun Sen said at the signing ceremony. The alliance was agreed on October 25 at the Cambodian People’s Party headquarters in Phnom Penh.

“The Cooperation and Alliance Agreement stipulates that we must work together to adhere to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Protect the monarchy under the Constitution and promote multi-party liberal democracy, human rights, respect for law and social justice. We must work together to protect the constitutional monarchy, the throne and our King,” Hun Sen said.

The former Prime Minister of Cambodia also added: Whoever insults the King or calls on him to step down is a serious violator of the Constitution.

Previously, Hun Sen said he wants political parties to do so and in Cambodia, to join hands to achieve the goal of maintaining peace to ensure long-term development.

In the general elections in July, 18 political parties competed for 125 seats in Parliament. Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party won all 120 seats in parliament, while Ma Zhao’s FUNCINPEC party Norodom Chakravoddh won the remaining five seats.

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