Funvithak Yao Yai hits Thong Thong Rap in a Muay Thai match.

Muay Thai Alliance fight in the boxing ring of the Thubatimi Air Force Youth Center on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, the main bout was between Phonpetak SG Thong Prachin and Dinthong Thong Singmawin, 138 lbs, open classification, Phonpetak Tour 3-2, referee stopped Satra Supasai, 1st Round, this pair is over the knee boxers. Phonpitak is clearly taller and taller. Den Thongthong focused on kicks that penetrated the rubber, exchanging punches, and Vonvithak receiving punches and kicks, and at the end of the round Vonvithak continued to score 7-4.

In the second round, Denthungthong came in and threw punches that didn’t quite hit the target, and Phonpitak’s guard was on guard. The referee had to warn both of them to be diligent in using their weapons. Phonphithak takes a hit before he focuses inward but is still unable to hit. There was kicking and breaking the rhythm of Den Thung Thong. The game began with the exchange of more weapons. Vonvithak focused the ball on the inside but Thong Thong controlled it and set up a wall to keep it out of the goal, Vonvithak making it 3-1.

In the third round, Vonpitak came out fighting inside from the start, trying to focus on his elbows. Denthungthong also fought him before turning around. The game is more focused than ever. Denthungthong has punches and can fight inside, fighting with Phonpitak, who has a longer range and can penetrate more clearly. Denthungthong focused on his punches but still didn’t hit the target, and Ponphithak was tied up again. Den Thungthong walked towards him but hit his leg again, ending the round with a 13-1 win for Phonphithak.

Round 4: Denthungthong comes out in this round to focus on fighting with the knees and exchanging blows with Phonpitak. But they were protected by Born Vitak, and von Vitak’s defense timing could not have been better. There is a knee insert to restore it. Denthungthong was able to stroke but could not hit the ball, being strong and second only to Phonpitak. Phonphithak’s inner circle was able to strike more clearly than Den Thung Thong, taking several knee strikes but still managing to hold on in the round, and Phonphithak continued with a landslide.

In the final round, Denthungthong didn’t think much and went out to strike, but Phonphithak punched him from the inside, leaving him unable to strike properly. Den Thungthong wasn’t able to throw punches at all and his punches couldn’t hit the target and it was very exciting. Vonvithak took complete control of the match and defended himself, and Vonvithak won by a large margin in the round.

The results of the other matches were as follows: Khonsuk Erth A. Kwanmuang won by knockout over Panda Pangmad Klongtan in the fourth round, the super champion. Woody Phra Leasing Chonburi lost on points to Petchmai Superlek Muay Thai, and Keeree Luang Chor Ha Phayak lost on points to Phet Phupha Ek Pu Jeans.

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