The UAE is investigating an incident where more than 140 cats were left in the desert: PPTVHD36

Abu Dhabi, the official capital of the United Arab Emirates, begins an investigation, finding more than 140 cats abandoned in the desert

Last week, animal rescue groups and volunteers posted photos of dozens of cats and kittens found in the areaAl-Falah Desert (Al-Falah) The temperature during this period may reach 50 degrees Celsius.

So far, more than one cat has been found dead in different stages. 50 pieces And another 95 piecesWho is still alive but many are suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. Officials are looking for new homes for these cats.

A Golden Retriever was also found alive and a Siberian Husky dead.

The cat and its owner have been reunited. After a separation that lasted 11 years

New Zealand abolishes feral cat hunting after it was strongly condemned

A fire broke out in a high-rise building in the Emirates. There were no injuries or deaths, and the fire was brought under control.

International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) He mentioned this event and added: “This is unimaginable and unacceptable torture.”PETA Animal Rights Organization A reward of $5,000 has been offered to anyone who provides information about whoever dumped the animals in the desert.

sideAbu Dhabi Ministry of Municipality and Transport (DMT) It confirmed last Wednesday (October 4) that it had begun investigating the incident. We are taking all necessary measures to find out the facts and identify the perpetrators. Which is inconsistent with the morals and values ​​of civilized society.

The Ministry also emphasized that the Ministry takes into account the feelings of people and communities. Recognizing the work of volunteers in responding to this event. Besides asking people to inform the authorities if they have any information

Almost all of the cats found were microchipped and neutered in a feral cat sterilization program.

The Abu Dhabi Animal Control Department uses several contractors to deal with stray cats. Most of them will be sent toFalcons Hospital To check for the disease, sterilize it and return it to the area where it was found.

But after this news many animal rescue workers were very upset as well. It is believed it may have been the work of an animal control company

However, there is still no evidence of who brought these cats to get rid of them and whether this was intentional or not.

Photo from: International Organization for the Protection of Animals

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