The stadium lights went out twice! BG Pathum took second place, attacking Sukhothai with 10, sinking to second place.

Thai Football League 2023-24

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Sukhothai 1-2 PG Pathum United

Thai Football League Competition, Season 2023-24, Match 7, Saturday, October 7, 2023 at Talay Luang Stadium, Sukhothai Province, and the “Fire Bats” Sukhothai FC, the team in 15th place with 4 points from 5 matches, opens its home match. The “Rabbit” team, PJ Bathum United, is in fifth place with 11 points from 6 matches.

List of committee members: Referees: Bawarai Srichan, 1st Assistant Referee Avicit Novoan, 2nd Assistant Referee Yutphon Kongphrum, 4th Assistant Referee Vieraphon Baovayu, VAA Referee 1 Siwakorn Phodom, VAR Referee 2 Tanin Roenchit, Referee Evaluator Mongkul Rongklai, Competition Superintendent Liket Sonthong.

At the start of the match, the visiting team, PG Pathum II, received the first salute from Tirasil Dangda, but the ball went out of bounds on its own, and Ketevan Sensanit, the local goalkeeper, did not have to make a save, and Sukhothai VII escaped conceding a goal. Another time when Terrasil Daeng Da Lai let Igor Sergeyev slide and hit him with his left hand, but it was Ketevan Sinsanit who made the save.

At 40pm the lights at Talay Luang Stadium, Sukhothai’s home stadium, were turned off throughout the stadium. The repair took 20 minutes and the generator system was run until the lights came back on. Then the game resumes. The two teams were unable to score more points, and at the end of the first half, Sukhothai FC tied with PG Pathum United.

The second half began at 50. The first score of the match occurred. It was the visitors who took a 1-0 lead from a free kick, as Sarach Yuen fired a free kick into the penalty area, the ball going to the head of Chakphan Praisuan who produced a wonderful counter-attack from Ketevan Sinsanit.

p. 59 The local Sukhothai team was left with 10 men when Chakrit Wechaperom fouled Freddy Alvarez, the referee reviewed VAR before giving him the red card, p. 78 Freddy Alvarez let Chanathip score to knock out PG Pathum 2-0.

In stoppage time in the 91st minute, Sukhothai chased the Whites with a score of 1-2 from Somkid Chamnansen. At the end of the match, Sukhothai FC failed to win 5 consecutive matches, tied one match and lost the last 4 matches, while BG Pathum United moved from fifth place. Go to Deputy Sergeant

List of players from both teams

Sukhothai Club: Ketevan Sinsuk (goalkeeper), Surawit Lokawit, Lisio Solda, Sarawut Kalyanapundit, Chakrit Wechaperom, Lisane Thiamarat, Ryohei Arai, John Bagga, Joe, Kritsana Kasimkoloilai, Pyarat Lachangrid, Chawasit Subsakonphon.

PG Bathum United: Chatchai Potprom, Victor Cardoso, Sarach Yuen, Tirasil Dangda, Igor Sergeev, Freddy Alvarez, Chakphan Praisuan, Chanathip Songkrasin Thi, Santipap Chanhom, Wattanakorn Swatlakorn, Chanapat Puavan.

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