Janie doesn’t respond, as she is seen as crazy about being thin, happy that Woonsen is about to be single, and wants to see her friend have a baby: PPTVHD36

Janie clearly answers that it is related to the rumor that she shook her husband’s leg in bed. Explain the reason for moving things outside the home.

It’s called seeing endless comments discussing body shapes. For the heroine and mother of one child “Jane alapach na bombet” Although her beauty has risen so much recently that fans can’t stop praising her, they still find some netizens talking about how thin she is.

I met Janie and asked about this topic. Including the happy stories of the Angel Gang. “Wonson-Werithiva Wala Prasong” My boyfriend recently proposed to me.

bachelor! Woonsen Wiritipa by Hi-Sonic knelt down to propose in a very romantic way.

Happy news to our friends Did he ask Wensen to marry?

“I’m so glad I got goosebumps. (Did you know first?) You know a little bit first. But I know who the guy is (laughs). He didn’t give any advice. In fact, all my friends were cheering and really wanted this day to happen. Enough of Today’s jelly is like the youngest person in the group, I’m happy, I didn’t even know. “I didn’t realize it at all. The reaction was very fresh. “I didn’t expect this to happen in France,” Jane said.

Do you have a friend who says you have to be pretty all the time?

“But jelly is beautiful all the time. She is a beautiful woman all the time. Jane didn’t have any plans. At first, Nana had to travel by plane but she couldn’t find a ticket in time. Everyone in the group had already congratulated each other.” We saw that moment and we were happy. It’s like I’ve proposed again (laughs). When my best friend’s life is happy, we’re happy too. (Will there be a bachelorette party planned for the friends?) We’ve already passed that point. We “We miss the days when friends were happier. I want him to have a baby.”

There was talk of a wedding. Is there any “jelly”?

“Not at all. We talked over the shots and wanted Awan to have a baby. Because we all have kids. Having kids is a real joy. I want Gilly to raise the baby. We talked in his ears the whole time. Because he was just playing with his friend’s kids. I don’t have my own yet.” “To which we are very happy, Jin said that he also wants to eat jelly. You should see the time when he plays with the children. The voice is sweeter than Jin’s. But he was like a person who has no experience. So I still don’t know what to do.”

Does this mean that if they get married there will be a green light for children?

“I want to give Gil the green light. Maybe I’ll cheer again. We’ll be your coach. (Will he pressure me?) Awan will probably be pressured (smiles) I haven’t asked him about the auspicious time for the wedding yet. You’ll have to ask Gilly about this.

Are you yourself becoming more beautiful every day, and your figure is becoming thinner and thinner?

“Actually, I’m a person who likes to take care of myself. Every time I meet seniors (media people), I tell them that Jin is a person who likes to take care of his health. She seems strong.”

A lot of people tell us that we look too thin?

“So thin? I’ve seen Jane since she was a child. Is she thin? (Ask reporter) It’s like that.”

Do we often post photos as if we are fighting back against those who criticize our appearance?

“No, there’s work too. Don’t fight anyone, you don’t have the strength.”

Who was to say they don’t know roast pork? Do you know now?

“Honestly, Jane eats everything. Just eat carefully. We have to know what to eat. Bird food is still there (laughs), and I eat it sometimes.”

Previously, my friends and I posted Eat Healthy All the Time?

“Everyone seemed surprised that Jane ate cake, and she ate rice. Jane ate cake every day. I can say that I am a person who really likes to eat cake. You can also eat cake instead of rice. Eat one packet a day. Even if it is a healthy cake, it is It still contains calories. But Jane exercises every day, including one hour of running and one hour of weight training, and it’s not like she eats it right away. But take it out first and then eat it.

Not crazy about being skinny?

“(Sai Hwa) Jin is not skinny. Jin is a person with bones. If he bends a little, it will be obvious. When she takes a selfie, you will see it.”

Is feedback getting more difficult?

“It’s not that Jane doesn’t care. But we just choose to live our lives. If we care, it turns out we’re depressed. We live our lives well and know what we can do better today. (Is there a connection to this trend?) No,” Jane said. Jane knows what Jane is doing. Jane can hold her daughter, she holds her every day, and he begs us to hold her. We told him today is harder (smiles) ask about friends. He said we are well, he doesn’t talk anymore. That is, we eat a lot of complete nutrients “If anyone saw the real person, they would say he doesn’t look thin at all. My weight is the same, my health is good, I’m not sick.”

It’s like someone commented and we responded?

“Maybe a friend. If everyone was normal, Jane would never answer anyone. Jane would rarely answer anyone. Jane would stay put.

May I ask about the mother going to the party with her granddaughter?

“Grandma is attached to her grandson. (Don’t you come to see your child?) How many events do you have in a day? How many jobs do you work in a day? There is hardly any time to breathe. Grandma is very attached to her grandson.”

Cute moment when grandma goes to take care of grandchild?

“Yes, this is normal because the grandmother is attached to her grandson. It is not forbidden to take care of you. Because we ourselves want the grandmother to help us take care of the grandson, and in fact the grandmother and the grandson are both next to each other. He will go to some events where Mr. Yan is free. Because he also has Many special occasions with friends (smiles).”

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