“Middle World” increases security measures after someone posts to create a situation

“Middle World” Enact stricter restrictions and increase security measures. Ready to coordinate with police officers to take care of the area. After the post was shared on social media, ill-intentioned people created a fake incident.

From the case “14 year old male youth” A shooting incident took place at Paragon department store. Until someone gets hurt and dies. This has caused panic and shock to people in the community in the past

Another thing is criticized. IG Story post images shared while the world is online. A person using the Instagram account posted a picture of a gun with the message saying: “See you in Central World.” Later there was a post explaining that he had no intention of causing the incident. Post and play only with friends.

However, this made many people uncomfortable after the story broke, especially on Twitter (X) where such information was shared. And call the relevant agencies to come out to manage and prevent what might happen.

Latest date is 7 October 2023 Middle World A letter has been issued explaining this. Following the posting of a wrong person on social media, the center has taken steps to coordinate the Padumawan police station. In this situation, the police department has arranged patrol car 191. Officers, Station 1 vehicle and personnel patrolling the surrounding area. The shopping center area is already finished.

At the same time, the Center has raised its security measures to the highest level as follows:

  • Establish a bag inspection point and ask all customers to cooperate with the authorities in inspecting customer luggage at the entrance of the shopping center.
  • Increase the level of security surveillance with the shopping center’s CCTV camera system
  • Prepare a team of security officers to walk around and inspect the shopping center ready to assist customers and save staff in case of unusual events.
  • Keep practicing regularly to ward off all kinds of misfortunes. and ready to deal with various emergencies immediately

This is for safety. Be confident in using the services of each client.

Thanks for the info on the Central World Facebook page.

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