The Toyota IMV 0 will go on sale in Thailand next November, and expect a starting price of 400,000 baht.

The Toyota IMV 0 will officially go on sale in Thailand at the end of November. Toyota is ready to enter the “pickup truck” market at a good price, the space can be adjusted according to use. It aims to start selling throughout ASEAN first by the end of this year.

Go back and look at the previous movements.. If you still remember, the name of the Toyota Ranga concept was actually shown in Thailand in December 2022, where former president Akio Toyoda attended a press conference along with changing the name to Toyota IMV 0. It is a car for a new commercial model Which will be produced and sold soon and will be displayed at the 2023 Gaikendo Indonesia International Motor Show in August 2023, and it is decorated according to use in different ways by Toyota Astra Motor Company.

Toyota IMV 0 launched

Toyota IMV 0 launched

A mobile café from Indonesia on display at JMS 2023

IMV 0 was showcased at JAPAN MOBILITY 2023. Along with a display car decorated in the form of the same “mobile café” at the Indonesian Motor Show. He was sent directly from Qatar to appear in Tokyo. Japan It has aroused great interest from viewers as to where and when this commercial vehicle, a single-cab, two-seat minivan with a new look, will be marketed. The response came back well. Especially in countries where the pickup truck market is very popular.

Toyota IMV 0 launched

Toyota Ranga Concept “Ranga Concept”

This pickup truck is a collaboration between Toyota and Kopi Tuku, which opens up opportunities for business cooperation. It is being offered as a commercial vehicle designed to add to the capital’s fast-growing Tuku café scene. A car jointly designed by Toyota and Kobetoko. It was created to meet the needs of coffee lovers. The concept is different from other food trucks. Because in most coffee trucks, the salesperson is inside the vehicle in the product preparation area. But the goal of this was to get the salesperson outside the car to make it feel more customer friendly.

Rangga-Tuku’s innovations and partnerships could also open up opportunities for collaboration for other companies. We are ready to offer easy ownership terms whether renting or purchasing. Or private

The IMV project is back for consumers

Or this is the return of the Toyota Kijang Ranga, which was sold between 1997 and 2000 cars in Indonesia, and at first glance it appears to have a very similar design. If you look at it a little like the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV, this model was not launched in Indonesia as the first country, but in Thailand, which has a very large market for pickup trucks. Toyota aims to sell this model under the name IMV Zero, and not the same previous name. But the name is used in the IMV (International Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle) project with the aim of producing high-quality cars. Able to meet the different needs of consumers, the vehicles in the project include Hilux Vigo, Innova and Fortuner pickup trucks.

IMV 0 is the new completed design. The design looks perfect. Willing to stand by the business The goal is to be a car for the masses at an inexpensive price with a more modern look in the form of a single cab flatbed van. The spacious and comfortable cabin design comes with versatile compartments that make it easy to store your belongings. Willing to upgrade and increase safety equipment

In addition, the rear loading area can be adjusted according to use. Whether it’s a delivery truck, a rigid container, a refrigerator, an ambulance, a fire truck or a camper, it’s all possible. This car has been converted into a cafe. The vehicle can bear a lot of weight due to its relatively large body size, and is able to carry a lot of cargo. As a result, entrepreneurs can make more profits.

Unfortunately, in JAPAN MOBILITY 2023, there is no updated information on whether or not the Toyota IMV 0 has an electric or hybrid drive. Toyota plans to use two of the existing older engines. Both the 2.4-litre 2GD diesel engine and the 2.0-litre VVT-I dual petrol engine have proven powerful and fuel efficient. It meets EURO-4 emission standards and has rear-wheel drive. It’s the most likely spec. Of course, the product’s positioning is inferior to the original Hilux pickup that was marketed due to the dimensions of the car. The highlight is the design of the customizable parts at the rear of the car. What we can expect is power, durability and ease of maintenance Toyota is targeting the entire pickup truck segment for commercial purposes. And personal use and will be marketed in Asia first at the end of this year

Toyota IMV 0 has been launched, and the expected price is THB 400,000 (Empty car, accessories not included) Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. is preparing to hold an official introduction event on November 27, 2023. We look forward to following more updates soon.

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