The grand opening was a traditional Chak Bra ceremony, a robe-giving ceremony and a “Cultural Zone” for the Long Boat Race…

GRAND OPENING “Cultural Area” Surat Thani Province for Chak Phra Tradition, Pha Pa Festival and Long Boat Races, Year 2023

This evening (29 October 2023) Governor of Surat Thani Province Mr. Jesada Jidrat. Deputy Governor of Surat Thani Province Mr. Nandavat was handed over to Saronwan. Presided over the opening ceremony of “Culture Square”: Chak Phra Tradition, Robe Giving Ceremony and Long Boat Race Surat Thani Province, Year 2023, Surat Thani City Hall Front Ground. This year, the Surat Thani Provincial Administration upped the ante to host the event on a grander scale. To preserve and uphold the good traditions and culture of the local area. and promote tourism Cultural aspect of Surat Thani province by setting up cultural arena Festival and long boat race in Chak Phra tradition Surat Thani Province, Year 2023, 28 to 31 October 2023

Mr. Deputy Mayor of Surat Thani Provincial Administration Thea Mankornban said via Nattapong: Cultural fair activities are a driving force for creative cultural industry using Soft Power 5F, including showcasing the lost flavors of cultural heritage including Surat Thani Province’s cultural capital, food, ancient fish kidney curry, making. Fish name, Pat Thai Tha Sang. Punching, Boiling and Roasting Cao Mao has a movie and a movie page too. Traditional Folk Performances Manohra Shadow Puppet Competition and Performance, Simulation and Demonstration of Manohra Rongru. Nursery Rhymes and Chants Children and Youth Cultural Program Thai Fashion Design Demonstration of Fabric Dyeing from Natural Dyes Martial Arts, Sayan Boxing, Thai Traditional Festivals Intellectual Heritage Exhibition Phanom Phra Thong Water Boat Making and Living Paintings Exhibition In addition, Surat Thani Province in 19 districts has good Cultural capital is used to drive the economy, create jobs and generate income by setting up shops to sell goods.

Deputy Governor of Surat Thani Province Mr Nandawat Saronwan said Chak Phra tradition, robe giving ceremony and long boat race is a beautiful local cultural tradition. Surat Thani brothers and sisters should come together to protect and organize a cultural plaza to maintain, continue and expand the use of cultural capital to drive the grassroots economy until long continued national prominence. Also promote tourism in Surat Thani province

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Correspondent: Sudishard Ratchacha

Music Composer: Vannavilai Sanidphon

Source: Surat Thani Provincial Public Relations Office

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