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Thai movies are really exciting. Another world-famous film that has the potential to become popular is ITO in Love, a joint Thai-Japanese project. It would help create excitement for the Thai film industry and help build good relations between Japan and Thailand stimulating tourism in both Thailand and Japan as well. Recently there was a fitting. And take posters with a team of actors from Thai-Japanese joint venture ITO In Love ITO Inlove at Mike’s Studio Charansanitwong 25 Bangkok

With the actors participating in the shoot including New Jesadakorn Samakthai, Rain Rupparojanawaro, Yuri Niracha Singhir, NameNailName Name Ratisa Wichianpittaya, Cher Cherliya Thana, Chapatsophit, Tae Mayajit Piyaphong Ruangsiri, Aof Natthaphon Amorntat and Jeab Kotchakarn Sakunasingh all participated in the fashion shoot. For use in promotions and poster shoots her clothing and shoes are well supported by Japanese brands. The world famous Onitsuka Tiger

Along with Lee Seri Yaung, CEO of the new film studio Lee Brother, Lee & Brother, he takes over the director’s chair with two assistants Chai Kongsilawat and Porn Praphaporn Srikaew. As for the aspiring director, Lee Seri opens up and says, “Give it your all and it’s really said to be over a hundred. This movie project has been in the works for many years. But she also had Covid so it caused some delays. I want you to watch the movie. ITO in love “ITO inlove guarantees that you will love it. Definitely stuck in my heart.”

Producer F Nonthapat Sriwichai, president of Golden Eye View Company, who also co-produced the film, said: “We saw the potential of this business. It’s not just doing it for the money but it’s a film about the good relations between the two countries. Both Thai and Japanese and we expect that this will help.” The film will stimulate tourism and make more and more Thais want to visit Ito, Japan.

Ito in Love, ito inlove, a sweet and sexy love movie. The most disturbing love story to crush the feelings of strong, sweet love mixed with sadness and overflowing happiness, as well as taking you to explore many breathtakingly beautiful places in Ito City. Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan starring the handsome hero Bank Niphon Yamkasem, Palm Emeka Manalo, is the first Thai film. Supported by Ito City Local Government Agency, Ito City Tourism Department, Ito City Tourism Association, and Izukyo Holdings Corporation.

Ito in Love was co-produced by Lee Brother, Lee & Brother, CEO Lee Seri Yawong and Kao Thana PR Company Limited, and CEO Nida Nannicha Meesawaeng, along with renowned producer F. Nonthapat Sriwichai, Chairman of Golden Eye View Company .

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