The Thai stock index closed positive at 29.13 points, with bond yields falling to their lowest level in two months.

Thai stock sentiment November 15, 2023 moved in positive territory throughout the day. After the US inflation numbers came in lower than expected and continued to decline, this put pressure on the US government bond yield (bond yield) to fall to its lowest level in two months, which is a positive thing for risk assets around the world. Everyone has adapted. Including the price of crude oil, it remained at a stable level, and the stock index closed at 5:02 pm at 1,415.17 points, an increase of 29.13 points, or 2.10%, with a trading value of 63,738.22 million baht, while the MAI market closed at 400.58 points, an increase of 12.73 points, or 3.28 percent. % with a trading value of 1,576.82 million baht.

Mr. Pakorn Pitatawachai, Director and Director of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) said that in trading through trading software every software that will come to trade Thai stocks must be approved by SET only and investors can be sure that there will definitely be no discrepancy, advantage or disadvantage. Regardless of whether you are an investor in any securities company, the stock exchange always recognizes the equality of investment for all categories of investors. Which will be developed and supported later, meaning, how do we make it easier for individual investors to access the trading software? There is less cost. Including revealing more in-depth trading information.

The five most traded securities are:

1. Bangkok Bank closed at 151.50 baht, down -1.00 baht.

2. All CP closed at 57.25 baht, an increase of 2.00 baht.

3. The front closed at 218.00 baht, down -5.00 baht.

4.BDMS closed at 26.50 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht.

5.SCB shares closed at 98.50 baht, unchanged.

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