regrettable! When YG ENTERTAINMENT revealed that Ah Hyun was having health issues. Therefore, I would like to withdraw from debuting with BABYMONSTER.

Amidst the joy of the fans, there was news that saddened many people recently. YG ENTERTAINMENT issued a statement to clarify the news that is currently receiving attention regarding BABYMONSTER’s debut, which is that 15-year-old South Korean member Ahyeon has withdrawn from BABYMONSTER’s debut due to health issues.

By YG Entertainment, it has been revealed that Ahyun is the member who is preparing hard with her friends for her upcoming debut. But due to health problems and after a good discussion she decided not to make her debut with her BABYMONSTER friends in order to spend some time taking care of her health. Rehabilitate your entire body first. The camp will help her and take care of her back to health quickly.

This makes BABYMONSTER’s debut coming in the next few days. It will consist of 6 members: Ruka, Chiquita, Haram, Farita, Roura and Asa, but many fans still have hope that Ah Hyun will regain her health. Will she go back to working with her friends as a member of BABYMONSTER?

As for Ahyun, she is a trainee and her performance is outstanding. Because not only does she have a beautiful face similar to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, but she is also full of talent in singing, dancing, and rapping, and has language skills that can communicate in English and Chinese. This led to producer Yang Hyun Suk choosing her as one of the first and last members of the group.

Photo: babymonster_ygofficial

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