The old man whose wife left him sets out on a boat for one night and your life will change. You will catch the “Sea Treasure”, a millionaire who pays 15 million.

Be rich and change your life! An old man was abandoned by his wife, and suddenly heaven’s mercy set out on a boat and changed his life overnight. He caught a giant fish weighing 72 kg, and people flocked to bid on it, and the amount rose to 15 million.

In a small fishing village in Fujian, China, there is a man named Ha who lives alone because his parents died when he was young. Later he got a wife but they did not live together for long. Because when she learned that her husband “didn’t have the strength” and ran away, the villagers couldn’t help but laugh at him. He looked down on the fact that people like him would be alone for the rest of their lives. Unexpectedly, he later became a millionaire overnight.

Sheikh Ha did not undertake any specific work. At home, I drink alcohol every day. When there is nothing to eat, they go out to sea to fish and earn money. After selling the fish, he started buying liquor. He got drunk day after day until one day came when he saw that there was nothing to eat in the house. He washed his face. Wearing sandals, get on the boat and go out to sea as usual. They still use the old small boat their parents left behind. Just go to the sea to catch some small fish and shrimp, and earn as much money as you can. Or if you don’t end up catching it, that’s okay. It’s like going out for a walk.

At a time when the sun was about to set, Old Man Ha looked at the small fish in the boat. Of course, it was not enough money to buy him a bottle of good alcohol, and he couldn’t help but think that he was very unlucky today. However, there was Something is worse. He spoke and his blurred vision detected what looked like a “white figure” floating on the water. For fishermen, encountering the dead while at sea is taboo. So the first idea was to return the boat to shore. But he felt that this “corpse” was floating in the middle of the night and no one could see it. Within a few days it may rot. So it was decided to bring him on board.

However, when he paddled out to take a closer look, it turned out that the thing floating there was not a corpse. But it’s a dead fish. When he saw that the fish was as unlucky as him, he decided to catch it on the boat. At least he’ll make some money selling it. But the fish was too large for the weight of his net. When he finally didn’t know what to do, he tied the fish to the back of the boat with a rope and slowly pulled it to shore. The sight of the man and the fish caught the eyes of many surrounding fishermen, and Elder Ha asked everyone to help him bring the fish to shore. At this time, everyone saw with their own eyes that the fish began to move.

It turned out that the fish was not dead. At this time, a fisherman came to look and said in complete surprise: “Old man, you have won the prize. This is a yellow-lipped fish.” But old man Ha did not know what a yellow-lipped fish was. Even having to listen to an explanation from the other party that after “receiving the prize,” the fisherman told him that the Huangchun (黄唇鱼), or yellow-lipped fish, was worth the same as gold in the fish market. This type of fish is popular in foreign markets. It can be called “sea treasure” and has very high medicinal value. In particular, it is an excellent tonic loved by wealthy people. Therefore, catching this fish will definitely bring a lot of money.

When Elder Ha saw the people around him start to bid on the yellow-lipped fish, the idea suddenly occurred to him not to sell at this point. Instead, they transport the fish to nearby places and ask strangers to buy them. As soon as people heard the news that there was a giant yellow fish for sale, merchants from all over the world immediately came here. He did not hesitate to see the huge yellow fish weighing up to 72.5 kilograms, and after negotiations an agreement was finally reached with a total value of 3 million yuan (about 15 million baht at the current exchange rate).

This was truly a fortune from heaven. Sheikh Ha, who was once ridiculed for being unable to get another wife, suddenly became a man who made everyone jealous overnight. But the strange thing is that since then, no one in the village has seen Sheikh Ha again. Many believe he may have packed his bags and left during the night. This was a very smart move. Because when this matter spreads in the village, it will definitely arouse the greed of some people. Old man Ha has no children. Therefore, there was no guarantee that he would not encounter any unexpected dangerous situations at this point, and he would leave quietly. Maybe the smartest way.

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