Deep secret message: Bung-yok goes through the palace and takes revenge on the judges. Clashes with court police behind the scenes

“Deep Secret Message” Published by SONDHI APP Application. TV station NEWS1 YouTube channel Message 1and a Facebook fan page Message 1 Panel of Managers Sunday, October 22, 2023 Episode by Politics and Justice News Editor Nobart Pruanczuk Bung-yok Daluong avenges the judges behind the scenes clash with the court police

This is a hot topic right now. Later, a video clip surfaced of a confrontation between Miss Netiborn Sane Sangom or Bung Taluang and a court police officer in the Bangkok Criminal Court area.

The incident occurred as a result of leaders of the Talu Vang group wanting to ‘Folk United’ or encourage ex-folk newcomers. The accused was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment under Section 112 of the Penal Code by the Criminal Court, but the accused was released on bail on appeal.

Earlier, Phew Thai made big headlines by attending a rally at the party’s office during talks to form a ‘Bung Taluang’ government. At that time, Bhumjaitai Party Vice President Mr. Pipat was involved in a conflict with Ratsakitprakarn. up to a condition that investigators from Batumwan Police Station report to the South Bangkok Criminal Court. The bail was sought to be revoked but the court dismissed the plea as it was considered an exercise of the right to political expression.

After that, Bung Talu Wang periodical movements began to occur. Before returning to the big news after the incident at the South Bangkok Criminal Court on October 19

The latest incident resulted in a commotion between protestors and judicial officials, which resulted in injuries. Before each side comes out and explains it to society at a later date. The Talu Wang group said they were not satisfied with the police action. And the group’s operative, Yog, had come to touch Thanalon

As a result, Sung came in, stopped him and got into an argument with the officers. The police used a baton to beat him on the hand until it bled.

Publish a news document for distribution to the media explaining the incident while the Justice Department is present. On October 19, a section said that the court had already concluded an inquiry under Section 112 of the Penal Code. Then a young woman climbed the fence inside the court area. Although the court gate was not closed, the court police intervened. Later, the man came and pushed the court police officer on the chest. The court police officer went there and tried to tactfully stop him several times. But he didn’t stop and kept walking towards the police officer, so he used a baton to stop the incident and defend himself.

This creates an issue to consider whether or not the court police officers went too far from the incident. Section 5 of the Court Police Officers Act BE 2019 confers several powers on the Court Police Officers such as maintaining peace and order and maintaining security. PROPERTY IN THE COURT AREA To prevent and suppress crimes committed in the court area. To maintain safety and security of judicial officers in the court of law. including the buildings, premises and property of the Court and Court Office.

Judicial police also act as arrest warrant handlers in cases where the court issues arrest warrants for those who do not comply with a summons or court order. Additionally, Article 10 provides protection to judicial police officers as subordinate officers. Criminal Code. and the same duties and powers as administrative or police officers under the Code of Criminal Procedure etc.

Judicial police have statutory powers and duties. And have the dignity of being a police officer, not a security guard

Therefore, in view of the law, judicial police officers are not liable unless they act within the framework prescribed by law. This incident can be a lesson to anyone who wants to exercise their rights beyond the boundaries of the court.

Slug and Jade climbed over the fence and caused chaos in the court premises, insulting the court with obscenities and kicking and assaulting the court policemen. If you have to be punished for your wrongdoing, it is justice according to the law.

Only one of these two is seen and hired for the problem. There may be an intention to express personal hatred. With or without people close to you working under the jurisdiction of the Judiciary?

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