The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is working with BOI and the private sector to manage forests to sustainably reduce PM2.5 dust problems.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Under the leadership of Saduborn Pruspat, Mr. Suthiketh. The Deputy Secretary General of the Board of Investment (BOI) Tadabitakul chaired a meeting to explain the guidelines for private sector entrepreneurs to support and participate in forest management programs to continuously reduce PM2.5 dust problems. Friday 29 March to call to join the programme

Prime Minister Mr. Mr. Setha Thavisin-led government is giving great importance to preventing and solving problems like forest fires, smoke and PM2.5 dust. Chattoborn Bruspat said. It has issued policies and directives to address natural resources and environmental problems. Ministries, various departments at the central level, down to the local level should collaborate with all departments. The local government organization along with the provincial governor is the source of the dust generation to connect with the public and take care of the affected people

To make operations effective, the Royal Thai Army has developed a mechanism for the private sector to assist in solving forest fire problems. In consultation with the Board of Investment (BOI), initiate a drive for participation of private sector entrepreneurs in problem solving. Investment Promotion Board No. regarding investment promotion measures for community and community development to reduce government budget constraints. 1/2024 until further notice. Forest management and sustainable reduction of PM2.5 dust problems, upliftment of environment through support of National Reserved Forests, Protected Forests and Community Forests with equipment and forest fire fighting equipment. Training for knowledge transfer on forest fire prevention and control Construction of forest fire monitoring point Processing of fuel products from forest and agricultural areas in forest areas to create value addition Promotion of forest production to household sector for business to reduce forest fires. The private sector has invested in the public sector and ultimately, it will be channeled to community organizations and local people. This increases the efficiency of forest fire prevention and control. Entrepreneurs participating in the scheme will enjoy exemption rights and benefits from corporate income tax.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources is committed to driving solutions to the problems of forest fires, smog and PM2.5 dust to achieve tangible results. Together with BOI, we invite private sector entrepreneurs to jointly support a forest management plan to reduce the PM2.5 dust problem to create cleaner, brighter air in Thailand – In a sustainable manner without dust and fumes. Mr. Chatbourn said.

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