Armagnac is a “home-made brandy” from France, but the real thing is more expensive and harder to find than “Cognac.”

Thailand over the last 4-5 years has been a struggle in the market brandy Affordable price to replace your neck needs. Regency Thai Brandy Which has enormous value and has encountered a huge problem. Out of stock and counterfeit

Some people say forged taken from Armagnac region if it was cognac It doesn't matter, but if Armagnac The chances of achieving this are almost non-existent. Or buy one bottle, mix it up and make 100 bottles, or something like that.

New old Armagnac tanks

because Thai Regency Brandy Stock is often out of stock during festivals like New Year, Songkran, etc., the main reason is hoarding by dealers along with Counterfeiting Which has always been there

For this reason, there are many importers. They brought in inexpensive brandy to take over the market from the regency.

Brandy, at affordable prices As mentioned, most of them use the method of ordering large tanks from France or other countries. It is then packaged in neighboring countries. The most is Vietnam. They are then imported into Thailand and thanks to the trade agreement, the taxes are cheaper than ordering directly from France. With which Thailand has no trade agreement

Armagnac was transported in the port in ancient times

In addition, the price is similar or slightly more expensive than the Regency. What this brandy uses as its selling point is that it is Foreign stuff genuine

There are still many methods and tactics used by these “foreigners” to fight each other, some true, some correct, some hidden, etc., all of which have flavor.

Armagnac quality testing and inspection

However, I'm not sure what I've heard yet. What is not comforting is that some of it has been taken from her Armagnac region Which opportunity is difficult

Dip the shellac into the cap of a homemade brandy bottle

If compared easily Cognac is an industrial plant. Do full marketing while Homemade Armagnac A little marketing If you want to buy it, you have to come to the refinery. Something like this

I must first say that the best brandy comes from two important sources in France: Cognac (cognac) Which has a lot of products and Armagnac, which produces less

Soils in Armagnac regions

hometown Armagnac The Region of Gascony (Gascony) received the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlee) in 1936.

Armagnac is regulated by two government agencies: the National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO), which also controls the quality of French wines, and the National Bureau specialized in Armagnac (BNIA), while Cognac is regulated. Only by INAO

Label on the bottle

Close the label by hand

Gascony region It is located in southwest France. Located about 150 kilometers south of Bordeaux, the “French wine Mecca,” it was once used as the location for one of the world’s most important literary works, Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers.”

Armagnac production area

Armagnac The area where grapes are grown is about 160 square kilometers. There are four main grape varieties used: Ugni Blanc (Saint-Emilion), Baco (Baco or Baco 22a), Folie Blanche (Folie Blanche), and Colombard (Colombard), and the rest are about 7-8 rare local grape varieties, while Cognac is made primarily from the Olle Blanc grape.

Baku grapes

Armagnac is divided into three production regions:

1 Bas Sarmaniac (Bas Armagnac) is located in the west of Armagnac. Part of it is in the province of Gers and part in the province of Landes, which is famous and produces the best Armagnac. Most of the soil is sandy mixed with clay. Rich in potassium and many other minerals, with a mild taste. It has a distinct plum aroma, followed by plum, earthy, and mineral notes, and makes up 67% of the total Armagnac production.

Soils of the Basse-Sarmignac region

2 ten hertz (Tinarese) is a medium-sized area located between Basse Armagnac and Haute Armagnac. Its soil is chalky soil with an admixture of limestone. It smells good with various flowers. The taste is quite full-bodied. Experts say it's an area where personalities are similar. cognacIt is the highest compared to the other two regions, producing 32% of the total Armagnac production.

Taste to test the taste.

3 Hot Tarmagnac (Haute Armagnac) is located to the east of Armagnac Most of the soil is chalky. But the taste is not smooth, but rather rougher and harsher, and it is a large area but the production is small, about 1% of the total Armagnac production.

Eugni Blanc grape

Armagnac It has similarities and differences from cognac. As is the issue of using grape varieties. While there are many differences, such as the location of production, Cognac must be produced in two regions: Charente and Charente-Maritime, north of Port.

Armagnac distillation chart

In a matter distillation Armagnac is distilled only once. It makes the taste strong and this is one of the reasons why Armagnac is aged for a long time. Cognac is cross-distilled 2-3 times (pot still), yielding about 72% alcohol, while Armagnac is distilled continuously (column still), yielding about 53-60% alcohol.

After distillation, it is kept in oak barrels. Armagnac uses oak barrels sourced from the Monlezun forest in the Bas Armagnac region.

Armagnac treatment

There are some words related to Armagnac processing that you should know:

VS (Very Special) “XXX” : Blended with Armagnac from different regions and aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

VSOP (Very Old Very Pale) or Réserve: Must be at least 4 years old.

XO, Napoléon, Extra, Vieille Réserve: Child must be at least 5 years old.

Hors d'age: You must be at least 10 years old.

the past Armagnac It is a favorite of many celebrities such as Napoleon the Great. and King Louis XIV, both of whom were known as the world's classic wine drinkers. While King Henry IV collected only Armagnac.

Wineries in Gascony (

In Thailand, people have been importing Armagnac for more than 20 years, but there are only a few brands because they are rarely sold because people don't know them. Most of them stick to cognac. The important thing is that there is not a lot of production. There are no quotas for small countries with low consumption. It's getting better and better now.

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