The referee of the match between Pattaya and Chenat gave two yellow cards but did not give a red card. In addition, the results report does not include a written report.

There is one more matter to judge. But this time it was a Thai League Two match between Pattaya United and Chainat Hornbill at Nong Pru Municipal Stadium. Saturday, March 30, 2024

In this match, Masatada Ishii, the coach of the Thai national team. Travel to watch the game at the stadium as well.

The result of the match was 0-0, but during the match an incident occurred that caused the referee’s team, the referee’s evaluator, to be injured. The competition observer must have a valid suspicion.

In the 45+4 match, Pattaya United's Phuadon Chanokwenkul fouled a Chainat player before Jarin Yawapi, the referee in this match, gave Phuadon a yellow card.

Then the second half, 75 minutes, old Foadon. He committed a foul on another Chenat player, causing Jarin to give Foadon a second yellow card.

But Jarin was not given the red card for chasing Voadon off the field according to the rules, but it was Voadon who ran himself out as Pattaya had just replaced him.

It turned out that Voadon escaped the red card, and Pattaya had 11 players until the end of the match.

Harder than that! At the end of the game, a report will be written about the results. Which judge, resident judge and competition observer must sit in a circle to check the accuracy, especially the yellow card, the red card and the substitution, do they match or not?

It appears that the results report was published on the Thai League website. There was no news of Foadion receiving a second yellow card, so it was confusing for some. Because in the live broadcast and the audience in the stadium clearly saw that Foadion received a yellow card 75.

However, we will have to wait and see if Chainat has Anurut Nakasai, Vice President of Chainat Club Advisor. Will one of the association council members be sued or not? How to solve the issue of governance

As for the names of the refereeing team for the mentioned match, they are as follows: Assistant Police Officer – Garin Yawapi, Assistant Police Officer 1 – Narinsak Thongkham, Assistant Police Officer 2 – Sophawan Hinthong, Police Officer 4 – Piya Phong Thongkian, Referee Evaluator – Abhisit Orak, Competition Controller – Baybon Anyafo

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