Take a look at Pool Manager, Gas Management Bringing Justice to Electricity Costs

In addition, the advantage of the complex manager is that he is responsible for monitoring the quality of the gas before sending it as fuel to the power plant. High quality gas will have a heat content of 1280-1320 Btu per million cubic feet. But the gas coming from Myanmar has a minimum heat production of 1,000 British thermal units per million cubic feet. Gas coming from the Gulf of Thailand will be heated to between 1,200 and 1,300 Btu per million cubic feet, while imported LNG will have a peak temperature of 1,300 to 1,400 British thermal units per million cubic feet. The quality of the gas coming from each source varies, so it must be sent to Pool Gas for quality control first. Because overheated gases can damage power plant equipment.

In the future, there will be less gas in the Gulf of Thailand imported from Myanmar. It is not enough to supply power stations, so it is necessary to import more LNG gas. In 2037, the proportion of gas imported from Myanmar will be only 4%, and gas from the Gulf of Thailand will be 28%, while 68% of LNG gas will be imported through the Authority. energy. The Regulatory Committee will play a role in preparing a Gas Quality Change Day or C-day plan to require that the power plant equipment be adjusted to be ready to handle heat generated by LNG at a level of 1,300-1,400 Btu per million. cubic feet in order to prevent business from being affected.

Taking care of energy security is another important duty of the pool manager who will oversee the management of sufficient gas quantity, as gas is supplied from Myanmar to the Ratchaburi Power Plant. Ratchaburi Power Station, Bangkok North Power Station and Bangkok South Power Station are designed to be flexible and able to accommodate gas coming from the East Coast (Gulf of Thailand) and West Coast (Myanmar) to stabilize the electrical system as well.

The pool manager is also responsible for comparing gas supply plans. Estimating the demand for gas if there is a surplus from the plan must also develop a plan and manage the gas supply to meet the demand for gas.

In the event of an emergency, the pool manager can call for gas. To enhance stability, gas can be ordered in advance through the operations of PTT Public Company Limited, which has an operations center or OC responsible for recovering gas from Myanmar sources. It takes only one day to transport gas, while gas from the Gulf of Thailand only takes half the time. As for the LNG at the Map Ta Phut depot, it can be sent to the pipeline immediately.

However, the quality of gas sent to the pipeline must meet standards. Or it has a percentage of cold gas or hot gas that power plants can accept, but if the standards are not met, the power plant has the right to refuse to receive the gas under the contract as well.

Finally, in order to be fair to gas importers, the Energy Regulatory Commission has set import costs, service fees for the use of LNG storage tanks and pipeline passage rates for gas delivery. Regulations have been put in place for LNG imports and the use of gas pipelines. It must notify in advance and in the future if there is a situation where the LNG is imported to be deposited in a storage tank so large that it cannot be supported. There may be a management called “gas exchange,” which poses a challenge in establishing mechanisms to create competition.

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