The magic of the sky with a unique perspective

The sky is a beautiful and inspiring view. In endless exploration and study whether you look at the sky in the morning, evening or night. The sky holds many interesting stories and phenomena. This article brings together the secrets and wonders of heaven. Maybe you didn't know her before

1. The color of the sky in the morning and in the evening
Have you ever wondered why the sky in the morning and in the evening has a beautiful different color than during the day? The reason for this phenomenon is the scattering of light. When sunlight has to pass through the thick atmosphere in the morning and evening, shorter wavelengths, such as blue light, are more scattered. This allows us to see the remaining red, orange and pink light. This is why the morning and evening skies are so colorful.

2. Northern lights and southern lights
The northern and southern lights are beautiful and amazing natural phenomena. It is caused by the collision of energetic particles from the Sun with the Earth's atmosphere at the North and South Poles. They cause colored lights in the sky, and these particles interact with gases in the atmosphere such as oxygen and nitrogen. They produce green, red, blue and violet light, and viewing the northern or southern lights is a unique experience and desired by tourists all over the world.

3. Constellations and star stories
The constellations in the sky are not just bright spots at night. But they are also part of stories and myths in cultures around the world. Like the wolf and the Orion, there are stories that have been told for thousands of years. In many cultures these constellations are used to indicate direction and time of year. Studying zodiac stories and legends can open doors to diverse cultures and histories.

4. Double rainbow
The double rainbow phenomenon is considered a rare and beautiful sight. A double rainbow occurs when sunlight is reflected back into raindrops twice. This creates a second rainbow whose colors are often the opposite of the first rainbow. Although the double rainbow does not appear often, when it does, it is an impressive sight and can create excitement for those who see it.

5. Low clouds and high clouds
Clouds in the sky are more than just fluffy white clouds, they are diverse and play an important role in weather and climate. Low clouds, such as cumulus clouds, are often the clouds we see on good days. High clouds, such as cirrus clouds, often contain ice crystals and indicate climate change. Clouds can also create beautiful phenomena, such as rainbow clouds, which result from the scattering of light in water droplets or small ice crystals in clouds.

6. Midnight Sun
The midnight sun phenomenon occurs in the North and South Poles. During the summer the sky will be bright all day and all night. Making Day Without Night This phenomenon is the result of the tilt of the Earth's axis. This gives the polar regions 24 hours of sunlight, and seeing the midnight sun is an amazing experience and shows the diversity of nature on Earth.

The sky is a source of wonder and inspiration for exploration and learning. Whether it is the colors that change every day, amazing natural phenomena, or the stories and legends associated with it, the sky is a place of beauty and mystery that continues to hold new things. Always keep discovering…

By: Makuruku

Content by: Makoroko

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