'Phonchai' accepts new rules that cause Thai takraw to lose tournament: PPTVHD36

Pornchai Kaukkaew, a highly experienced takraw player, member of the Thai national team. Accept that the new rules contributed to the Thai team losing to Malaysia and losing the World Championship.

Sepak Takraw Competition, 4th ESTAF World Cup 2024, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia This event is the premier international tournament. Which puts new rules into use, changing from serving 3 balls to each team to serving alternately. It was reduced to 15 points per set from the original 21 points. The last time in this program, the Thai Sepak Takraw team lost to its host Malaysia in the men's singles and men's doubles categories. The singles team lost 0-2, with a score of 8-15 and 12-15, while the men's doubles team also lost 0-2, with a score of 16-17 and 13-15.

Results of the Thai team defeating Malaysia missed out on winning the world championship in singles and doubles.

Thai Takraw announces new rules, effective April 1.

Thai Sepak Takraw team still has a chance to win the championship in the men's team category. Which will compete between May 23-26.

The PPTV HD36 sports news team asked for the opinion of Vonchai Kawkaew, the legendary striker of the Thai national team, on how the new rules affected the defeat of the Thai national team, and Vonchai revealed that he was involved because the reduction to 15 points made the game too fast. Alternating service puts pressure on the server. Because you can't make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more confidence you lose. However, every Thai team had played these rules before in the Thailand Championship, but in the last round, they played it wrong. You will have to wait for the solution in the team category, which is the technical staff team. How do you plan to deal with it?

In addition, Funchai also believes that although Malaysia's victory over Thailand will make the competition for takraw supremacy more enjoyable, Thailand does not want it to be that way. Because they want to maintain the champion's throne at all times, as for the fans, they believe that if Thailand monopolizes the championship, it will be difficult to push Sepak Takraw to the international level, and Pornchai points out that this is the duty of the International Takraw Federation. Develop other countries to have more comparable skills. It's not just Thailand and Malaysia, it's just two countries.

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