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ʺóö;ٴʹ AI ⿹ HONOR 200 Series

24 H 2567, AH – (honor) ơóѨЪдѺš Released on February 23, 2024, VivaTech is a four-layer Gen-AI. ü Google Cloud Translations

honor “Developed by AI, from HONOR Device Co., Ltd., from Google Cloud”

help Four-layer artificial intelligence ͧ honor

HONOR is a MagicOS system AI, multi-device operating system, artificial intelligence, AI system, artificial intelligence, application-level artificial intelligence, AI лѵянʺó ạ Interface ѧ Cloud-AI AI ͺtent

Ѻ MagicOS 8.0 Magic Portal and User Interface árˡ 㨾ĵạлѺahѺ͹§кwooâ鹵͹ »ѨGѹ Magic Portal ͧѺͻпѹ鹹ạ 100 ¡ 7 ʶͺ仴 ṧ ÷͹ 觢ͤ ä ѹʹó ч Ἱ Images: AI images

HONOR 㹡ü͹ʺó Gen-AI «觢Ѻ͹ Google Cloud ͡Ѻ⿹ѧᴴ ѭͺѨйѵдѺѺ¡ûͧ蹺觢

Thanks honor 200 series

ѧнеʺ㹡ᴴ AI Motion Sensing Capture 繿·ª͡ AI ͨѺ;͹跺Ẻѵѵ HONOR ѧС HONOR 200 Series ѧ

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