MT1 announced the results of Operation “Smoke Extinction on School Opening Day”.

Mt.1 Statement of Operating ResultsExtinguish the smoke Opening dayA large illegal e-cigarette warehouse in the area was arrested oh.Kratum PanE.Samut Sakon ready 6 Consignment shops sell them in areas near schools and universities. Salaya area Confiscated goods were confiscated100 million baht A notice to proceed with severe repression Prevention of transmission among young people Protect the nation's future

Today (24 B.c. 67) Time 16.00 n. Mr. Anudin Sanvirakul Deputy Prime Minister and Home Ministeralong with Mr. Oracid Sambandharat Director General of Provincial Administration Department Mr. Phone Dhamma Samut Sakhon Provincial Governor Mr. Voronet A rat is a rat Deputy Governor of Samut Sakon Province and Mr. Warong Tipsiri Inspector General of Provincial Administration Department Attend a press conference regarding the arrest Cracking down on illegal e-cigarette warehouses On that day Warehouse no 555/71 Village 2 Tan Khai Dee Sub-District Tum Kraban District Samut Sakhon Province After expanding the arrest results 6 Consignment shops sell them in areas near schools and universities. Salaya area Nakhon Pathom Province Items seized included electronic cigarettes and equipment. worth more than 100 million baht

Mr. Anudin said of the Ministry of Home Affairs By Provincial Administration Department Together with Samut Sakhon Province Nakhon Pathom Province Headed by the Provincial Executive Action Committee Together with the local authorities Provincial Police 7 and Krathum Baen Provincial Police Station They have come together to take actionExtinguish the smoke Opening dayA raid was conducted at a large warehouse where contraband was imported. There isElectronic cigarettes and various accessories Something else In Tan Cai Dee area Krathum Baen District Samut Sakhon Province After his participation in earlier arrests, this arrest must be admitted to be the biggest smuggling seizure.

This activity was in accordance with the policies and directives of Mr. Setha of Taweez Prime Minister Allocated to Ministry of Home Affairs along with various agencies Continue to smoke e-cigarettes completely. To seriously address the epidemic situation of e-cigarettes among students. Especially during school years. We are constantly aware of the suffering caused by parents. Because e-cigarettes are what make young people addicted. Currently, electronic cigarette products It is considered versatile. Beautiful looking etc Doraemon looks like a cartoon. There is a device to add flavor. Technology exists Further And there are many flavors and aromas. Various equipment A lotMr. Anudin say

Mr. Anudin said For this arrest Proceeding from Damrongdham Centre, Bhutan District The arrest of the shop resulted in a clue. 6 of Illegal sale of electronic cigarettes Located in Budamandon District, Nakhon Pathom Province Therefore the District Head of Budamanthon has been merged with the Provincial Administration Department. And the police expanded the results On investigation, Kratum discovered a warehouse in Bane district. Therefore, they sought a search warrant in the court to conduct an immediate investigation. Although this action could not arrest the owner of the product, But they managed to arrest the warehouse guard. Officials of the Special Operations Department of the Provincial Administration Department It is under investigation. Its value is expected to be higher. 100 million baht

For arrest of the Ministry of Home Affairs The Provincial Administration Department is integrated with Samut Sakhon Province.and Provincial Police 7 By General.D.D.Naiwat Fa term cit Provincial Police Commander 7 to give orders Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Samut Sakhon Province And police station.Kratum Pan He has come to facilitate and bring the arrest to the Special Action Team of the Provincial Administration Department. This is the team they are most proud of. And it's like an unaffordable team. Everyone has the desire to establish peace in the country and society

I want to warn those who want to break the law. All of us in management and security Ready to protect country and country. If something goes wrong, where? No need to lobby. You don't have to think about who you are going to bribe. Anything that violates the law should be punished severely by law. The same is true for electronic cigarettes. Finance exam should be taken Follow up and seize assets I want to emphasize that if you make a mistake, it is definitely not worth it. Also, I would like to express my appreciation to all the departments who worked together in this test. We all work together to fight drug addiction. Oppression of the influential Including the gun All kinds of illegal stuff Let's build society as much as possible. I want to confirm once again that electronic cigarettes are illegal. Our authorities will not legally allow it.Mr. Anudin say

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