Countdown to “Komchadluek 20” awards, things to know, performances, participating artists

Great, worth the wait, two decade anniversary“20th Kumchadlok Awards” Awards Ceremony It will be held on 28 May 2024 at 4:30 PM onwards at True ICON ICONSIAM Hall.

It begins with a red carpet extending more than 10 meters from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm to welcome the artists. People in the entertainment industry and guests including fans who will join the activities with them “Beautiful Rachanon.” And “new mustache” Come and welcome us as the host of the program during this period.

Entry to the award ceremony is at 6:30pm onwards, starting with a very special show, complete with three large sets that tell the long story of the Kom Chad Luek Award, which has been with the Thai entertainment industry for two decades. Artists from Thailand, whether “Yes indeed, Sumare, the agent And “Nunyo Chawarin” Ready to host the most exciting on-stage show with Thailand's leading presenters. “Pam Petivat”

As you all know, the 20th Kumchadluik Awards consists of two main award categories: “Popular Award” Or popular vote where everyone participates in choosing and “Excellent award” Selected by a panel of experts from works published during the period from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, there are 3 types of award announcements:

Through the stage itself, this was created. Come and make it great and wonderful. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, there was an awards ceremony stage. Which does not differentiate between the number one camps in Thailand including a 360 degree view, full lighting and sound, and fans feel like they are part of the various shows. There are also more surprises for award plaques or trophies such as the award that has been modified to be modern. More than before and added DNA for sharpness.

For a list of the names of actors, artists, creators and people working in the entertainment industry who came to be honored at the event, whether Byrd Thongchai, Bela Rani, Ann Thongprasom, Ananda Everingham, Nonkul Shannon, Gulf Kanawot, Patricia Goode, Green Yu Sadaporn, Chai Chayudum, Vicky Sunisa, Yada Narelia, Junior Kajapondet, Pam Sarali, Tunhm Sakultala, Bua Nalinthip, Mam Nachanok, Priyam Ranida, Chris Prevos, Singtu Prachaya, Yuan Kawinrat, Ja Yusini, Quang Kamunchanok, Khit Thanthavan

along with Were Sokolawat and his family, Nona Nuengthida, Saksit Chutimon, Awai Nonsi Nimiputr, Thai Bin Pak, Tono Pakin, Big The Gerard, Sai Charunpura, Pat Chanit, Isu Ntharat, Ad Awat, Phom Phomipat, Po Krongthong, Sydney Sopcha, Fai Sumita, Gomjam Kanbecha, Blei Natawat, Ek Ikalak, Pete Thongchua and family, Mia Sia Rotor, Kri Vasoibich, Sawani Utuma, Khalil Pitsuwan, Pativan Puntharick

Including artists from the music industry including: Lula Kanyarat, Jeff Satur, 4EVE, PROXIE, Fellow Fellow, Khunphon – Alan of BUS, Flower.far, Sommari, Jackie Jakrin, Porsche Siwakorn, Third Lapat, LYKN, Mxfruit, Yes Indeed, Ploychompoo Yannien There are also rising stars like Like Film Thanabat, Jam Rachata, Sea Freak, Nunyo Chawaren, Phor Natthawat, Jimmy Jethaphon, Sea Thuinan, Bye Bye Oreo, Judy (Diaw Jarokit), Ford Thitipong, Pete Wasthorn.

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